4 Enogastronomic itineraries of Lombardy: the roads of wine and flavors

Travel and cooking are an ideal combination; two passions that marry perfectly. During a trip you come into contact with a new culture: you listen to the language, pay attention to customs and above all you can taste the typical specialties of the host people. In short, being gluttons is a condition that unites every self-respecting traveler. It also happens that the “particularly gluttonous” even choose itineraries “according to” food and eating well. Fortunately, our country, from this point of view, provides excellent ideas. Today we present 4 routes proposed by the Federation of Roads of Wines and Flavors of Lombardy : ideal solutions for discovering and appreciating typical local productstraditional dishes and wine excellences of the region .

1 – Wine and Flavors Route of the Varesine Valleys

The first proposal concerns the Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine . A route that involves the mountainous area of ​​the province of Varese , and specifically the Valceresio, Valcuvia, Valganna, Valmarchirolo and the Luinese valleys. In truth, this particularly vast territory lends itself to being visited following different routes. If you have time available, we recommend a marathon of all the incredible cultural, historical, artistic and food and wine treasures that the area offers. If not, we advise you to select what interests you most, choosing the most suitable path. Whichever of the three options you choose, you will be able to admire the amazing scenic beauty that characterizes these places.

  • Places to visit :The first of the viable routes leads to the discovery of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina and Lake Maggiore , continues with a visit to the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park , the pretty municipal hamlets of the hinterland, the Cloister of Voltorre and the nearby Isolino Virginia, del Centro Documentary of the ” Cadorna Line ” and finally of the Villa della Porta Bozzolo and Painted Town of Arcumeggia.

    The second solution involves visiting important places such as the Badia di San Gemolo and the Painted Town of Boarezzo, Il Maglio di Ghirla , The Argentera Park , Lake Ceresio and the places of the old defensive military border known as the ” Cadorna Line ” . And again the natural history museum of Induno Olona and the civic museum of the Fossilli of Besano , finally the villages of Marzio and Brusimpiano.

    The third way allows you to visit the Runo Painted Village and the Mills of Curiglia Monteviasco , and ends with a total immersion in the landscapes of Val Veddasca and Passo Forcora

  • Wines and typical products :
    Among the mountains and valleys of the province of Varese are typical products such as the Formaggella del Luinese with the DOP brand, the Varese acacia honey, and special goat salamis. Among the wines produced here, Ronchi Varesini IGT stands out .
  • Traditional Dishes :
    Along the stages of the itinerary it will be possible to stop at farmhouses and local restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional meat dishes such as roast kid, boiled, braised and bruscitt, a particular cut of minced meat coarsely and generally accompanied with polenta.


2 – Wine Route of Valtellina

The Wine Route crosses the Valtellina and Valchiavenna, touching all the places linked to the production of the renowned red wines . Here, too, there is no lack of important historical and cultural testimonies: among rock carvings, castles, palaces and sanctuaries.

  • Places to visit :
    The region is divided into five geographical areas (Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, Baruffini) which can be visited through circuits that can be traveled by car, bicycle or on foot. Each of these areas specializes in the production of wine and offers entertainment and tourist solutions. The municipalities affected by the route are Berbenno , Chiavenna , Morbegno , Castione Andevenno , Sondrio , Tirano , Bormio , Poggicani and Chiuro .
  • Wines and Typical Products :
    Among the typical products are known Bresaola and IGP Apples , but also Berries and chestnuts. Among the wines we must mention the Sforzato di Valtellina also known as “sfursat” and the Rosso Valtellina Superiore DOCG .
  • Traditional Dishes :
    Among the specialties not to be missed are the pizzoccheri alla Valtellinese , the polenta Taragna and the tasty sciatt , pancakes stuffed with cheese.

3 – Franciacorta Wine Route

The Franciacorta is a hilly area between Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia, known throughout Italy for its wine tradition in sparkling wine vocation. Twenty are common in this area.

  • Places to visit :
    The route leads between ancient abbeys and palaces, castles, medieval towers and other architecture, always paying particular attention to the precious cellars in which the Franciacorta sparkling wine is produced. Absolutely not to be missed is the Lombard morainic amphitheater that extends from Brescia to Lake Iseo.
  • Wines and Typical Products :
    Specialties such as Quartirolo Lombardo DOP , Taleggio DOP and Laghi Lombardi DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil are produced here . Among the wines we naturally find the Franciacorta DOCG and also the Curtefranca DOC .
  • Traditional dishes :
    Among the traditional dishes to be enjoyed in Franciacorta we find the Missoltini Casonsèi , appetizing fish from the lake, the Beef in oil and the baked Tench , obviously accompanied with polenta.

4 – Mantuan Truffle Road

Finally we propose the Strada del Tartufo , a path through which it is possible to rediscover the taste and traditions typical of the Mantuan Oltrepò , a portion of the Lombard territory on the border with Emilia Romagna. You can come into contact with a particularly suggestive natural environment and be surprised by the silence of the open countryside.
In the past this area of ​​Italy was a crossroads for peoples and ethnic groups, acquiring considerable value from a historical point of view. In these lands grows the Tuber magnatum Pico, a highly prized white truffle.

  • Places to visit :
    The starting point is undoubtedly the city ​​of Mantua , one of the most beautiful in the whole region, particularly important from an artistic point of view for the beauty of its Renaissance historic center .
    From here you move towards the areas affected by the route. The itinerary, suitable for adults and children, starts from the Borgofranco Truffle Museum and leads the visitor to discover data and curiosities related to the discovery of the places dedicated to the precious delicacy.
  • Wines and Typical Products :
    In addition to the Precious White Truffle , other typical products are salami, Pear and Mantuan Mostarda , Onion from Sermide, and Lambrusco DOC as regards wines.
  • Traditional Dishes :
    Among the traditional dishes to taste we find the famous pumpkin tortelli , agnoli in broth, and of course all the truffle-based specialties such as risotto, scallops, tagliatelle and tortelli.

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