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I never think about it much, but probably one of the reasons that often lead me to travel is the proximity to Milan Malpensa airport and its two terminals.

In fact, in 20 minutes by car from home they are at the departures of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, along a road that is often not very busy; yes, a good fortune! However, it also happens to me that I have to leave the car parked in Malpensa, not often, but when the stay is short or the flights are at unhappy times I prefer to resort to one of the car parks near the airport rather than the usual passage of friends or relatives. .

Milan Malpensa airport parking

Living so close to the airport I had the chance to try a few and, of all, my favorite is Central Parking Malpensa . Why preferred? Now I’ll explain it to you.

Let’s start with the cost. Like everyone else, I am looking for a cheap parking in Malpensa , possibly the cheapest parking in Malpensa. Roughly the amount required for a 3-day weekend (delivery on Friday morning, collection on Sunday evening) is around € 20 . Euros more, Euros less. € 20 for a car with outdoor parking : if we are looking for a low cost parking, we have to give up something, right?

Central Parking, like all the other car parks near Malpensa, obviously also offers the possibility of depositing the car under a cover , to protect it from bad weather. In this case the cost, for a weekend, goes up by about € 10, but the photo below I think is worth a thousand words.

Because the best economic parking in Malpensa

I can’t tell you if Central Parking is actually the cheapest car park in Malpensa (I haven’t tried them all, they are endless!), But what it offers is its location and proximity to the airport .

I believe that Central Parking is the closest parking to Malpensa: it is positioned exactly between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

If you know the area, arriving along the freeway from the south you will find exactly the last roundabout before the junction for Terminal 2. Take the ramp that takes you off the freeway, then the first exit from the roundabout and then at the first turning turn left . Central Parking will be exactly in front of you.

To reach it, tax on the navigator: Via Luigi Bailo, 11 – Somma Lombardo (VA)

It is sufficient to book the car depot online, arrive, deliver the car and a free shuttle will take you in 5 minutes on the clock (and it’s really 5!) To T1 or T2 of Malpensa .

The parking is obviously active 24 hours a day . Regardless of the time, when I land I turn on my cell phone and call: time to collect my luggage and their van is already waiting for me at arrivals. 5 minutes and I’m by car: very comfortable.

In addition to the free services and the option to park the car indoors, it is also possible to request washing for an extra cost (I’ve never done that, but it’s an interesting service).

Malpensa parking reviews

My “review” of Central Parking can only be positive, now I point directly to them.

I still remember the trip to the airport with Fabio and Lorenza: never arrived so late at the gate. We should have taken the car to Central Parking Malpensa and the shuttle took us to Terminal 1. Given the enormous delay we called the car park and (with a supplement) they came to collect the car directly at the T1 departures: they saved me, I would have definitely missed my flight!

I hope I have given you some useful information, see you next time!

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