Blue Flags Lombardy: the awarded beaches in Lombardy

Could you believe that a landlocked region like Lombardy has a location awarded the prestigious FEE Blue Flag ?
Yes, because the international organization Foundation for Environmental Education, in addition to rewarding the sea areas that excel for the quality of water and services, has also awarded some lakeside locations , one of which is located in Lombardy. Other regions without the sea that have Blue Flag locations are Trentino and Piedmont. Are you ready to find out what is the only Lombardy Blue Flag ?

Blue flag beaches in Lombardy

The only Blue Flag municipality in Lombardy is Gardone Riviera , which is part of the Province of Brescia and overlooks Lake Garda. Gardone Riviera has been awarded for the beautiful beaches Lido and Casinò, which have excellent services and respect all the attribution requirements.

The criteria for awarding the Blue Flag

If you are wondering what are the qualities that have earned Gardone Riviera and the other places awarded the prestigious recognition, know that they are different, and mainly belong to your types.

In fact, each award-winning location has certain “imperative” requirements, that is, particular minimum qualities. There are also additional “guide” requirements which are considered bonuses for the purpose of awarding the prize.

The requirements concern the following 4 thematic areas :

  1. Environmental education and information : for example, information on water quality, local ecosystems, a code of conduct, …
  2. Water quality : for example, the beach must fully comply with the sampling and analysis requirements of bathing water, must comply with the waste water treatment directives, …
  3. Environmental management : for example, the beach must be clean, there must be bins for recycling, toilets and changing rooms, …
  4. Services and safety : for example, there must be an adequate number of lifeguards, first aid equipment, …

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