Cutlet in Milan: the 12 best restaurants to eat it

No visit to Milan can be considered complete without having tasted the famous cutlet : appeared for the first time in 1855 in Giuseppe Sorbiatti’s Modern Gastronomy, the “cutuleta” is still appreciated by everyone today., adults and children.

A simple, tasty and genuine dish that has been exported all over the world, but which finds its essence here. But what are the best restaurants in Milan to taste a well done cutlet ?

Here is the list of the best restaurants where to eat an excellent Milanese cutlet :

Trattoria del Nuovo Macello

High and soft, the cutlet of the Trattoria del Nuovo Macello is served in a rustic trattoria, in a welcoming environment where the flavor of the real Milanese cutlet can be appreciated even more.

Address: Via Cesare Lombroso, 20 – 20137 Milan

Osteria alla Grande

Osteria alla Grande, which describes itself as “the last stronghold against hamburgers, foods for vegetarians, barley coffee and for those on a diet”, serves its tender and buttery cutlet in a goliardic atmosphere and a true tavern. What about the prices? Moderate, like any self-respecting tavern!

Address: Via delle Forze Armed, 405 – 20152 Milan

Osteria Brunello

Just think that in 2015 Gambero Rosso gave the title of “Best cutlet” to the cutuleta of Osteria Brunello as “Best cutlet”. Definitely worth a visit, don’t you think?

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 117 – 20121 Milan

The Other Island

Chinese cook, Milanese tradition: the cutlet of L’Altra Isola is made from the rib of the veal and is prepared according to the original recipe. Prices a bit expensive, in typical Milanese style.

Address: Via Edoardo Porro, 8 – 20158 Milan
Tel. +39 02 6083 0205

From Martino

The excessive amount of cherry tomatoes on the cutlet is forgiven by the quality of the dish: the cutlet is crunchy on the outside, but at the same time soft and thick.

Address: Via Carlo Farini, 8 – 20154 Milan

The Liberty

Elegant restaurant with a sophisticated menu: even the schnitzel, high, soft and plentiful, is served with a chicory and anchovy salad. For those who for once want to give up the classic potatoes.

Address: Viale Monte Grappa, 6 – 20124 Milan

Trattoria la Pesa

Via Giovanni Fantoni 26
The right place for lovers of Lombard cuisine. Here the cutlet is cooked in clarified butter, a preparation that gives the meat a delicate flavor.

Address: Via Giovanni Fantoni, 26 – 20148 Milan

Trattoria Arlati

Intimate place, exceptional hospitality, a wide choice of wines and a high and very soft cutlet. Need to add more?

Address: Via Alberto Nota, 47 – 20126 Milan

Osteria Borgese

Refined cuisine, slightly high prices justified by the high quality of the raw materials which is reflected in the quality of the dishes served. An alternative to the schnitzel? The excellent risotto all’ossobuco.

Address: Via Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, 14 – 20154 Milan

Trattoria all’Antica

Few dishes on the menu as in every trattoria of the past. The rigorously high and bone-in cutlet is the host in this restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: Via Montevideo, 4 – 20144 Milan
Tel. +39 02 837 2849

Doriani Solferino Restaurant

In this pizza restaurant with a simple and familiar taste, the choice between classic cutlet, with or without bone, or “primavera”, covered with cherry tomatoes and salad awaits you (too many cherry tomatoes ruin the breading, don’t say we didn’t tell you).

Address: Via Solferino, 12 – 20121 Milan

Piero’s Bettola

Typical Milanese trattoria: family atmosphere, low prices, excellent schnitzel with generous portions. Also try the rest of the menu, of Lombard tradition.

Address: Via Orti, 17 – 20122 Milan
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