Our selection of home delivery services for every wish to be received comfortably at home in Milan with a simple click

“ Delivery sweet delivery ”: spending time at home has never been so incredibly comfortable, thanks to the numerous home delivery services in Milan that allow you to receive vices ,  whims and any kind of  need at your address  . Challenge your skills as a mixologist thanks to a special kit with ad hoc ingredients and bottles at the right temperature for perfect mixing, delight yourself with a special dinner and dedicate a moment to your beauty routine, thanks to a selection of products at home. Innovative solutions just a click awaythey will also take care of household chores: online shopping, perfectly washed and ironed clothing, cleaning the two or four wheels, drugs that cannot be found and quick deliveries – including books, floral bouquets and plants -, all at the time of an essential home comfort. Here is our selection of the  best delivery services in Milan : after trying them, we are sure that you and your home will never be able to do without them!


Dinner at the last minute or desire to accompany an aperitif with a good glass of wine or a drink? Whether your choice falls on  bubbles ,  reds ,  whites ,  rosés or a pleasant, state-  of-the-art cocktail , Flawless has the solution for your toast. Opt for wine labels to discover and great classics to  taste or imagine for a moment transforming your kitchen table into a  bar counter , thanks to  quality bottles that arrive at your door at the  right temperature. All you have to do is prepare goblets, glasses, ice and some scented toppings: the drink deliveries available in Milan will take care of the rest.


Tannic and Tannic Express will accompany your evenings with a  premium selection of  alcoholic labels – even natural ones -,  bubbles and  spirits for a quality toast, comfortably at home. Wine lovers or enthusiasts of the magnetic universe of mixing, this drink delivery service will accompany you to the discovery of prestigious labels, symbols of  heritage ,  dedication ,  stories and family traditions handed down from generation to generation and a deep knowledge of the  raw material , at a time. of an intense, timeless sensory experience. Let yourself be enveloped by the refined and complex taste ofBourbon Whiskey Longbranch , perfect for a unique evening: a Small Batch Bourbon with at least eight years of aging to be sipped at 18/22 °, delivered at home at the correct drinking temperature. And if the scents and colors of the Ligurian Riviera tickle your taste buds, Tannico offers you the unmistakable fresh and aromatic aroma of  Gin O’ndina : a time jump to the Italian Dolce Vita of the 1960s, in a distillate obtained with 19 botanicals – among which one of the most important is basil -, with an irresistible Mediterranean scent.


Busy life? Winelivery, the App for drinking !, knows this and has activated an easy, comfortable and fast home delivery service. Born in Milan about 5 years ago, this company delivers wines, beers and drinks in just 30 minutes and already at the ideal drinking temperature. But not only that: to offer its customers a superior experience, Winelivery makes use of a team of experts to select the best labels which, thanks to the exclusive relationships established with the producers, will be delivered directly to their homes. At the stroke of happy hour, we suggest accompanying your appetizers with a great classic of Italian mixing:  Campari Spritz. You can order the special dedicated kit with 4 Campari glasses, 4 coasters and everything you need to make the perfect Campari Spritz, including ice! Continue your evening with a gin and tonic based on  Bulldog Gin , fresh, soft and floral, in an ad hoc kit with everything you need – including 4 glasses and coasters – for a bartender-proof presentation; and if you have the desire for a bitter, perhaps iced, you just have to order your bottle of  Jägermeister and receive it at the perfect temperature of -18 °.


From beverage at home to  food delivery : why not indulge in a culinary pampering, delivered directly to your home? Delighting your palate from the first light of the morning to the sunset is an irresistible desire and there are many Milanese restaurants ready to conquer your appetite. Pastry shops ,  restaurants ,  bistros , Italian and international cuisine: the choice is yours! All you have to do is peek at the daily proposals of the brands you love most, available on the delivery platforms operating in the city:  Glovo , Uber Eats and Deliveroo the most famous, but we cannot forget and  Sergio , the latest arrival, mostly dedicated to the addresses of   Milanese fine dining . Pause the stove and let yourself be pampered by the best kitchens in the city: savor the Argentine meat of  El Patio del Gaucho  , the gourmet and healthy proposals of Al Bacio, the most authentic fish with flavors of the sea with  Langosteria , the true and greedy gastronomy of  Scapece and Peck’s gourmet pampering .


Among the latest innovations in the panorama of Milanese food delivery services, we find Sergio, a portal dedicated to home delivery of proposals signed by the  best catering addresses in Milan . A real community that combines the savoir faire of culinary creatives with the palates of city gourmets, proposing special ad hoc menus for each sign adhering to the service, specially designed for Sergio; choose  your favorite restaurant, let yourself be teased by the tasting itineraries and combine fabulous wine labels, at the time of a gastronomic tête-à-tête of a thousand and one nights.


Al Bacio conquers Milan with a sparkling digital novelty: an engaging mobile App – available on the  Apple Store  and  Google Play  – which, in a few clicks, will allow you to get in tune with the healthy and greedy world of its culinary proposal, through the creation of a real Alter Ego Al Bacio that best represents your personality, indications, suggestions and ad hoc advice for future orders. If you want to rediscover the flavors and aromas of Al Bacio’s cuisine directly at home, all you have to do is select directly from the “ Home sweet home? “, Ordering and receiving at home  first fruits and best sellers cooked at low temperature from the pantry of Al Bacio, to create recipes like real chefs in a few minutes at “zero slam”, following step by step the instructions and suggestions provided by short how to videos   and podcasts. Dinner is served.


Abandon the heavy bags, water bottles and the endless queue at the checkout: we have selected some of the  fastest and most effective services to take care of daily shopping from the comfort of home. Everli shoppers   will go to your trusted supermarket to conquer the list you have prepared: just click the name of the large-scale distribution sign in which to buy on the screen, indicate the desired products and your virtual cart will arrive at the established address , in the time slot you prefer. Cortilia  will bring to your table a riot of vegetables, fruit, seasonal first fruits, meat, cheeses and natural preserves, while for a shopping with exotic scents you can rely on  Kathay, the ecommerce service of the Asian Milanese food shop, on a trip around the world, comfortably seated at the table.


Macai is the all-Italian home shopping service that offers a wide range of products, with particular attention to the  quality and  freshness of the raw material and to the search for everything that is  organic and  artisanal . A greedy and constantly evolving offer that dedicates space to gluten-free products, but also at the time of the snack, proposing greedy alternatives suitable for all palates, conquering young and old. With Macai, even the timing is irresistible: delivery, in fact, is  guaranteed within 24 hourson Milanese soil, without the obligation of a minimum order for your online shopping cart. You just have to peek through its digital shelves and tease your taste buds, waiting for the next recipe.


Jack’s Garden is the link that unites our tables set with the  products of nature , bringing genuine products and first fruits to our homes that follow the succession of the seasons. An explosion of aromas, flavors and colors to be found in the delivery boxes that you will receive at your home:  sea ,  earth ,  vegetable garden ,  aromas and  preservesof small producers and local companies that respect the raw material in all its freshness and quality. You can also add a selection of wine labels to your boxes, including reds, whites and bubbles, for a perfect food and wine combination. Just complete your shopping list, choose the time slot and day for delivery and wait for Jack’s box; do not forget to take a look at the  periodic offers and the delicious  recipes of the Garden, at a time of always new and surprising preparations.


Wellness and health come first, even at home . From  pharmacy to  beauty , we have selected home delivery services in the city for every need, from the purchase of a drug to a tailor-made beauty session. Pharmacy.  is the reference point in the city for wellness and health, with an online catalog of products from self-medication to dermocosmetics; a health ally that delivers within 24 hours or urgently. Efarma is a portal dedicated to the delivery of pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and dermocosmetic products that brings together several pharmacies in our Peninsula; offers a varied selection of products at an advantageous price, with shipping throughout Italy. For a well-deserved beauty pampering,Spazio Ikos pampers its customers with a personalized video consultancy service that investigates the current state of health of the skin, reaching the final goal of beauty, thanks to an ad hoc selection of the Institute’s products shipped throughout Italy, at a time of one new tailor-made beauty routine.


Are you short of medicine and have little time to spend shopping outside the home? Pharmap will take care of your  pharmaceutical expenses , in just  60 minutes ; all you have to do is select the pharmacy you trust or type in the name of the drug you need and the specialized courier will take care of the collection – if necessary, also of the doctor ‘s  prescription – and delivery to your home. An effective and competitive service that will allow you to quickly receive what you need, at the same price as the counter sale. One order of Pharmap a day keeps the doctor away.


The sign dedicated to  quality skincare with a Californian heart offers a truly impeccable service to pamper your skin, with personalized advice. Dermalogica, in fact, offers its customers a wonderful phygital experience,  Mirror Me Box , with which to discover the brand’s products – strictly vegan friendly and free of irritating chemicals -, in the virtual company of a  Professional Skin Therapist  who will indicate the products best suited for your skin type. To take advantage of this experience, buy the  Mirror Me Box; you will then receive an email to arrange your consultation and the box containing everything you need for the treatment. Book the Digital Skincare Lesson to learn the tricks and secrets of a state of the art beauty routine. A beauty cuddle in delivery format, for a stress-proof, healthy and radiant skin.


When the short time available looms over everyday life, the delivery services dedicated to the  care of the home and two or four wheels come to our rescue, stress-proof. Walà  is the home delivery service that will allow you to quickly receive any product, from cigarettes to treats from your four-legged friend; look for the nearest store and the runner will take care of the rest, who will take care of the purchase, to be paid on delivery or via the app. If the dreaded moment of ironing sees garments accumulate on garments or the washing machine needs a well-deserved break, L’Uman ,  Mama Clean and  Stirapp arrive in your support. , home laundry services that will restore luster to clothes and bed linen; Multi-faceted time slots for collection and delivery, various services to choose from – washing, sanitizing, ironing – and maximum care for materials will make your cleaning routine worry-free. Car or motorcycle to wash? Washout allows you to book a home washing session for your car or motorbike, directly at the car park. Washing, cleaning and ironing has never been easier.


Laundry ,  ironing ,  tailoring and  shoemaking : here is L’Uman, the delivery service that will take care of your clothing and accessories, making them as good as new. From the simplest washes to sanitizing, L’Uman also offers an advantageous support in the repair of shoes, heels and soles, guarantees perfect tailored hems, zips, seams, embroidery of initials and replacement of buttons; a team of professionals of the trade will follow each process step by step, using biodegradable products in respect of the environment  . A “ nice and good service”Which will also give you the opportunity to leave the items in your closet that you no longer use to the concierge; the latter will then be washed and carefully arranged, to be donated to the partner non-profit organizations.


If the time to devote to cleaning  your vehicle is increasingly limited, Wash out comes to your rescue; a delivery solution dedicated to  two or four wheels that allows you to book, through the convenient application, a home washing session for your car or motorbike, carried out strictly  by hand with ecological products . You will have to select the type of vehicle, indicate where it is parked, choose the desired washing – external, internal, sanitizing – and finally indicate the day and the ideal time slot. Gorgeous shiny, your car or motorcycle will look like it has just been purchased.


Whether you are an experienced green thumb or new to the natural world, plants and flowers are known to  be the keepers of a small dose of  happiness and relaxation in every corner of the home. Bright colors or green shades, intoxicating scents or delicate scents? To find the perfect inspiration for that extra touch to your home or for a special gift, there are many solutions in the Milanese capital that allow you to order and receive or deliver the flower arrangement or plant that best suits yours. tastes or occasion to celebrate. From the urban jungle of  Wild , a sign with the green soul of Porta Venezia that delivers plants with beneficial relaxing power throughout Milan, to the charm of the elegant orchids ofOrchids Milan ; from the compositions of  Domitilla Baldeschi  with seasonal flowers and chromatic shades to the colorful bouquets of  Frida’s . Saying it with a flower (at home) has never been so exciting.


The verdant oasis of via Tortona has opened the home delivery service to comfortably receive the creations signed by the Japanese plant designer  Satoshi Kawamoto at home . An explosion of shapes, styles, shades and natural species born from the inspiration of this creative with a green soul  who shapes  nature giving life to  wonderful indoor plants , in the form of seasonal bouquets or accompanied by vases with colors and faceted materials . Also peek into the curious selection of vintage garments and home decor items, to add a unique touch to your purchase.


The enchanting Milanese sign dedicated to floral art , guided by the inspiration and passion of Michela Pozzato, conquers the city with an ad hoc selection of home creations, made with care by choosing rigorously refined  seasonal flowers . Bouquets, compositions and fresh orchids follow one another in a delicate intertwining of perfumes, colors and combinations, with multifaceted measures, declined for every occasion. Whether it’s a personal cuddle to brighten your hours spent at home or a gift for a loved one, let yourself be pampered by a fairytale floral delivery.


Treat yourself to a short escape from reality and  immerse yourself in reading : romantic stories, travel stories, compelling biographies and distant worlds. Books for oneself or to give as gifts, to be discovered and savored slowly, to be unwrapped and browsed as soon as they appear at your home thanks to the book delivery services born in the city from small and large Italian companies. Verso, a Milanese bookshop located a few steps from the Columns of San Lorenzo, organizes its deliveries by bicycle through the Versopedala service  , a rich selection of independent fiction for adults, teens and children; also  The Lilac Box, in the Porta Romana area, organizes a home delivery service for numerous national and foreign titles, selected and recommended by the passionate owner Cristina di Canio, to whom you can ask for suggestions and directions for a new “tailor-made” reading. And if the illustrated publications are irresistible to you, you just have to complete your order – via email – from  Noi , an independent bookshop with a nice selection of anti-conventional magazines and magazines.


Bookdealer is the  first ecommerce platform that brings together  independent Italian bookstores , a useful and fascinating tool that allows us to peek among the numerous “shelves” of the signs of the cities of the Bel Paese. Be inspired by booksellers recommended titles or reviews accompanying the on-screen covers; in addition to news and best seller notices, you will also have the opportunity to pre –  order your copyof an upcoming title that you particularly care about. Choose the book you want to buy, select the bookstore to order it from and check the delivery times and, if it is a gift, indicate to the bookseller the text to write on the card. A new adventure awaits you, to be discovered page after page.


Takeaway Books is a book delivery service created during the lockdown, with the aim of  supporting Italian bookstores , thanks to donations from numerous publishers; a program of  connection between booksellers, readers and supporterswhich, united by the pleasure of reading, have created a real home delivery service. To find out which Milanese bookstores to support and buy directly from their rich catalog, just click on the map of the official site in search of the sign you wish to contact, thus finding the contact details to contact. You will then be accompanied by the patience and attention of the bookseller to discover the new title that will become part of your collection, according to tastes, desires and mood of reading of the moment. A novelty to be read is about to ring at the door …

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