Eating outdoors in Milan: 10 unexpected outdoor areas

Eating outdoors in Milan: the new dehors . Besides the lucky addresses that have large gardens and structured verandas. Not just exclusive locations with terraces. In Milan the dehors is – due to force majeure – the trend of the moment and even the restaurants that we would never have imagined with open air tables have organized themselves accordingly. Seeing is believing: we have compiled a list of 10 places with new outdoor areas . There are those who in a short time have set up a solid structure that is destined to last, those who use public green spaces and those who temporarily manage with a few tables here and there. Even those who reveal to guests its beautiful courtyard, until today remained more hidden than the “usual” suspects. Here are the outdoor areas you don’t expect.

Eating outdoors: 10 new outdoor areas in Milan


Trattoria Mirta

The renowned trattoria (with many Slow Food products) of chef Juan Lema with an outdoor area that becomes urban furniture.

Trattoria Mirta, piazza S. Materno 12, Milan.


13 Giugno Goldoni

The great elegance of the 13 June Goldoni restaurant, with its Sicilian dishes, can also be felt in the small and romantic (but well sheltered) street terrace.

13 June Goldoni, via goldoni 44, Milan. 



Restaurant of seasonal dishes – and typical Tuscan dishes – with grill. Its unusual terrace makes you feel out of town.

Acquacheta, via Erodoto 2, Milan. 



Vurria’s pizza, which has aloe vera as a special ingredient, can be enjoyed on the terrace of both places

Vurria, via Borsieri 28 – via della Moscova 27, Milan.


La Griglia di Varrone

With its large gazebo with sliding windows, the meat restaurant par excellence has returned to light fires and embers.

La Griglia di Varrone, via Toqueville 7, Milan. 



Chef Andrea Zazzara’s dishes in a location that will make you forget the city.

Motelombroso, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 256, Milan.


Classico Trattoria Contemporanea

The tasty dishes of chef Achille Esposito (but also creative aperitifs) in an intimate sheltered terrace with the right chic touch.

Classic Contemporary Trattoria, via Marcona 6, Milan. 


Fuorimano OTBP

Really unusual, informal and pleasant place. With Instagram friendly interior and exterior.

Out of town OTBP, via Cozzi 3, Milan. 


Tomoyoshi Endo

Among the most historic addresses of authentic Japanese cuisine in Milan, for the first time it is given to the outdoor area. Putting a few tables on Vittor Pisani.

Tomoyoshi Endo, via Fabio Filzi 8, Milan. 



Very popular, Pasquale Pometto’s pizza place is located in the center. Here the tables on the street welcome loyal or passing customers.

Piz, via Torino 34, Milan. 

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