Exphera: sleeping in Lombardy in a romantic “bubble” looking at the stars

In the surroundings of Bergamo, in an agritourism hill surrounded by greenery, you can live a unique experience, so unusual that you have a limited number of reservations. The chosen name, Exphera , demonstrates the will of the creatorsto offer a unique experience of nature, relaxation and romance .


Here, in the small town of Palazzago, real transparent “bubbles” have been created, a series of buildings where you will have the opportunity to sleep while admiring the surrounding landscape . The structure is equipped with all the comforts you will need, from the shower to the body products, through the Wi-Fi service.

You will have access to a private garden equipped with a Finnish sauna , a heated Jacuzzi and a relaxation platform. The transparent sphere is equipped with mosquito nets, positioned on each opening. In addition, the fabric of which it is made makes it waterproof, resistant to bad weather and UV rays. The floor is equipped with an infrared mechanism for heating.

As for the sauna, the material chosen is Hemlock wood with Eco-Wood panels. Attention to the environment is one of the many points in favor of the structure. Most of the people who stayed in the bubble were particularly impressed by the attention to separate collection and the search for recyclable materials.

The garden is completely fenced and has its own independent access. The same goes for the entire area, reserved only for owners and guests. This way, you can enjoy a relaxing stay where no one will disturb you .

As soon as you arrive you will receive a welcome drink, a bottle of Brut (or sparkling wine) and a basket of mixed fruit. Instead, at the end of the experience you will be given an awakening basket for a special breakfast.

Associated with the classic overnight stay, various services have been included. You can choose to have a take-away dinner delivered completely of your choice, or take an equipped picnic basket and treat yourself to this particular adventure.

Another possibility is to continue your stay in the nearby “ TaiObe ” Chalet . Like the transparent spheres, TaiObe is also surrounded by nature. It is a small old-style cottage, from which you can easily reach the woods and walk.

Both destinations are strategic to reach Lake Como and Lake Iseo, as well as to visit the city of Bergamo. Given their intimate and romantic nature, they are designed as a couple experience, perhaps a special gift that you can dedicate to your partner in view of a particular anniversary. However, nothing prevents you from going there with friends and having fun together watching the sunset from the bubble.

Regardless of the company, this experience will not go unnoticed. It is a unique opportunity that is worth taking advantage of.

How to get

Exphera is located in Palazzago in the province of Bergamo, precisely in Via Belvedere 24B, fifteen minutes from the A4-Dalmine motorway exit.

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