Foliage near Milan: the most beautiful places to admire the autumn colors

Autumn has arrived, leaving the summer heat behind. This does not only mean rain and gloomy days, but also and above all magnificent colors. The leaves light up with orange, red and yellow, giving that phenomenon called foliage,  beloved on social networks (needless to say).

Where can you admire the foliage near Milan ? There are many places around the city where you can enjoy the colors of autumn, from the countryside to the mountain woods and the gardens of the noble villas.
Obviously, the magic of yellowed leaves is not only a privilege of places outside the city; even in the city you can find wonderful views where you can take unique photographs: in our article we have collected them all, plant by plant!

Forest of Bagni di Masino (SO)

An enchanted place, where nature reigns uncontaminated among tall beech trees and centuries-old fir trees. Here the colors of the foliage enrich a breathtaking landscape with shades of red and intense orange. Between ancient paths and mule tracks, this wood is absolutely worth a visit all year round.

Consonno, the ghost town (MB)

It had to be the Las Vegas of Brianza Consonno , a village born in the sixties from the mind of an unscrupulous entrepreneur. After the initial curiosity, the town immediately fell into disgrace and was soon abandoned.

Today, in the midst of the abandoned structures , full of a disturbing beauty , you can go on walks and excursions. Following the old streets of the town, you are immersed in the chestnut woods, which are slowly regaining possession of the spaces. The foliage here will have a different taste than the romantic autumn walk. The route is very easy to do, even with children; the important thing is to park the car outside the entrance gate, which is closed at specific times by the caretakers during holidays.

Bosco di Canzo (CO)

A real magical forest in the heart of Lombardy. This enchanted place is a beech forest, which changes color during autumn and is tinged with an intense red. The walk is ideal for the little ones, who in the woods can play with the piles of fallen leaves and discover fairies, gnomes and witches carved into the wood of the trees. Every corner of the forest hides a carved creature, which will peek out from the knots of the trees, from the piles of leaves and from the top of the branches. Sharpen your eyes!

Centovalli Express, the foliage train

It starts from Domodossola and arrives in Locarno. The Centovalli Express is a small train that crosses over 50 km of valleys between Italy and Switzerland, immersing itself in the beautiful colors of autumn. With suspension bridges and tunnels dug into the mountain, this little train crosses the most beautiful woods where you can enjoy the bright colors of autumn. Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the Centovalli Express starting from 17 October, with free travel for children under 6. The ticket includes a voucher of 5 Swiss francs to collect a gift at the small market of local products at the Locarno train station.

Alpe Veglia (VB)

Alpe Veglia, in the heart of the Ossola Valley, and the larch woods that cover the slopes of the mountain are a paradise for lovers of nature and foliage! The walks to discover the area start shortly after San Domenico, precisely in Monte Campo, where you can leave your car in the paid parking (€ 3 per day). Once you have passed the Cairasca stream, the real path begins.

The 10 km long ring route is suitable for everyone and climbs up to the Groppallo chapel, and then continues to the Veglia plain. Here the photographs are wasted : from the grandeur of Monte Leone to the gold-colored groves and the picturesque stone bridge over the Ciamciavero stream.

From here you can choose whether to continue to the mountain lakes called “delle Fate” and “delle Streghe” , which can be reached in about 30 minutes on foot. From the lakes the path leads back to the plain and then downhill again to the parking lot.

Peat bog of Sebino (BS)

The natural reserve of Torbiere del Sebino, near Lake Iseo, is a protected place for the biodiversity of the flora and fauna that inhabit it. Just 40 minutes from Milan you are catapulted into Ireland, with walkways over the water where the autumn colors of the trees are reflected. During the walk you can easily meet rabbits, swans and water birds typical of the area. The ticket has the symbolic cost of one euro.

Monza Park

The Monza Park , which runs around the beautiful Villa Reale, offers one of the most beautiful foliage shows in Lombardy, thanks to the long avenues of horse chestnut trees, the lime trees that turn yellow and the beautiful Liquidambar plants , whose leaves take on colors incredible, ranging from orange to dark red. A very useful map allows visitors to the park to easily find the most interesting points to see during the autumn, obviously with a camera!

Piacenza hills

Between Piacenza and Bobbio in autumn the colors explode, immersed in the hills covered with vines. A perfect place to enjoy the foliage and discover the villages and castles that dot the area. The beginning of October is the perfect time to visit the area, taking walks in the middle of the larch woods and the red-tinged vineyards. If you choose to take an excursion in the area you cannot absolutely miss a visit to the castles of Torrechiara, Castell’Arquato and Vigoleno , as well as to that little gem that is Piacenza!

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