Lake Idro: an enchanting body of water nestled between the Brescia mountains

The Lake Hydro combines and meets the Trentino and Lombardy. Its crystalline waters bring back the reflection of the Valle del Chiese, transforming the internal panorama into a spectacular expanse of green and blue shades.

This lake extends for about 12 km in length, with several free beaches and lidos that follow the perimeter . Most of it is characterized by a mixture of sand and grass, or sand and pebbles; an interesting element, which creates a perfect harmony between mountain and beach.

The facilities present are equipped to accommodate the whole family, from adults to children to animals. In fact, the lake is dog friendly and you can also bring your pet with you.
You will then find all the services you need: picnic areas, kiosks, showers, pedal boats, mountain bikes and windsurfing .

During the summer there are many tourists intent on exploiting the typical wind of the mountain air to surf the surface of the lake . Together with them, trekking enthusiasts who reach neighboring countries by pedaling.

The waters are entirely suitable for bathing and maintain a mild temperature, ideal for those who want to shelter from the summer heat but enjoy the water in common. All services remain open during the summer, from May until late September.

Among the beaches made available to families there is the Biotopo del Lago d’Idro ; a nature reserve that can be easily overcome via a wooden walkway. The reserve is a very pleasant visit, with the possibility of observing some very rare plant and animal species. Among the animals present, particularly fascinating are the birds, aquatic and otherwise, which stop in the reserve during migrations.

The famous Rocca d’Anfo is located sheer above the lake . The fortress was built around the 15th century and represents a part of the history of the lake. Being so close to the mountains, the territory has been overtaken and exploited by many different peoples, which is why it is dotted with fortifications.

The Rocca is one of the most impressive and, at the time of its construction, it served as a link between the Republic of Venice and the Principality of Trento. Today it has become a museum in memory of those same years, and a beautiful panoramic point from which to observe the entire surface of the lake.

Among the other fortresses, another place to visit is the Castello San Giovanni di Bondone, also located on top of a rock. The construction dates back to the 12th century by the noble Lodron family. The Castle remained unused until a few years ago when, following a careful renovation, it became part of the network of Trentino castles.

For the bravest, a visit to the Breg Adventure Park, the largest adventure park in Trentino, cannot be missed . Here you can get involved with the whole family and observe the beauty of nature from above.

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