Livigno: what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening

Livigno is a wonderful mountain resort near the Swiss border , in the Alps. Very popular in winter for its splendid ski slopes and large snow parks and in summer for trekking and nature. It is a VAT exempt customs area , therefore it is a very popular destination especially for shopping lovers. Here are all our tips on what to see in Livigno !

What to see in Livigno and surroundings

1 – Historic center and Via Plan

Livigno, a wonderful ski resort in the Alps, is a town that really has a lot to offer . Its historic center is full of activities, here you never get bored!

Its beating heart is Via Plan, the real shopping street ! Livigno is in fact an extra customs area, exempt from VAT. Along this street you will find numerous shops selling sporting goods, watches, clothing, but also jewelers and much more. Numerous hotels and B & Bs also overlook here. Staying here, in fact, you will be a stone’s throw from the main ski slopes!

Via Plan crosses Livigno from north to south and is easily reachable on foot from any point in the town. It is 800 m from the Mottolino car park, 10 min on foot 

2 – Church of San Rocco

In the southern part of the mountain resort, not far from the famous Carosello 3000 ski area, there is the beautiful Church of San Rocco, a small typical mountain church ! If you are walking through the center and you find it open, we recommend that you take a look inside!

The Church of San Rocco was founded in 1588, but construction only began in 1592, and then ended around 1624, the year in which it was consecrated. The bell tower was instead built between 1640 and 1643! On the facade are painted San Rocco, San Sebastiano and in the center the Madonna della Cintura . The interior, on the other hand, is very simple, with two large altars. The visit will take you just a few minutes!

Located in via Saroch. Easily accessible from Carosello 3000 (550 m, 7 min). Reference bus stop S. Rocco Po. Municipale –

3 – Parish Church of S. Maria Nascente

Another very beautiful church not to be missed is the Parish Church of S. Maria Nascente, known more simply as the Church of Santa Maria , located in the heart of the historic center , a few steps from Via Plan. Behind it develops the beautiful Don Bosco playground, ideal to visit if you are traveling with your family.

It is the parish church of Livigno since 1477, the year in which the town was separated from Bormio. The structure that we can admire today dates back to 1884, when work began which ended in 1887. At the center of the external façade it is possible to admire a large rose window, while the interior houses several valuable works , such as a series of paintings with Scenes from the life of the Madonnaby Giorgio Staina or the statues of the Four Evangelists on the pulpit.

Located in via dala Gesa. Easily reachable on foot from Via Plan (650 m, 8 min) and from the MUS! Livigno and Trepalle Museum (400 m, 5 min) – 

4 – MUS! Livigno and Trepalle Museum

Between a walk and the other in the historic center, we recommend you stop and visit the MUS! Livigno and Trepalle Museum. The museum is housed in an ancient house that still maintains its charm intact .

The museum allows you to learn about the history of this incredible territory , the art of reuse and recycling, the figure of cheesemakers, popular beliefs, the typical local gastronomy and the traditions of the area. In addition, the museum organizes various events and activities, all of which can be consulted on the official website .

  • How to get: in via Domenion 53. Easily reachable on foot from Via Plan (750 m, 9 min) and from the Parish Church of S. Maria Nascente (400 m, 5 min) –
  • Timetables: Fri-Sun 10: 00-12: 30 and 15: 00-18: 00, closed Mon-Thu
  • Ticket cost: full € 3.50, reduced € 2.50

5 – Dairy of Livigno

It is not really an attraction, perhaps it is better to talk about a real institution : I am talking about the Dairy of Livigno! Located just outside the historic center, on the opposite bank of the river and completely surrounded by greenery, it is one of those places that you absolutely cannot miss!

The Dairy of Livigno was born from the union of small local producers, who decided to form a cooperative to promote mountain environmental development and its economy ! In addition to the shop, here you can visit the workshops and a small museum with vintage agricultural equipment, as well as taste their products in the bar part, sitting inside or on the large outdoor terrace, thus also enjoying the view!

  • How to get: in via Pemont 911. Easily reachable on foot from the Parish Church of S. Maria Nascente (1 km, 12 min). Available Municipal Parking P4 Casaréda (free) 
  • Timetables: Wed-Mon 8: 30-17: 30, closed Tue
  • Ticket cost: free / Shop and bar based on consumption and purchases

6 – Carosello 3000 – Livigno

Livigno is a famous ski resort and one of the most famous ski areas is certainly the Carosello 3000 , located in the southern part of the town. The area is full of slopes of varying difficulty, ski lifts and snow parks, ski / snowboard slopes, restaurants, disco and hiking trails!

This is an attraction full of activities all year round ! In summer, in fact, it is possible to follow one of the many hiking trails to be covered on foot, follow mountain bike trails, go up by cable car or participate in unique experiences, such as yoga at high altitude or participate in a sunrise trek towards Madonon (both activities to do between July and August).

  • How to get: in via Saroch 1242 / G. Easily reachable on foot from the Church of San Rocco (550 m, 7 min). On-site Carosello 3000 Parking (free) 
  • Timetables: based on activities and period. Consult the 
  • Ticket cost: based on activities and period. Consult the official website

7 – Mottolino Fun Mountain

In addition to Carosello 3000, from the historic center it is very easy to reach Mottolino Fun Mountain, a smaller ski area , whose main car park is located just a few steps from Via Plan.

Also in this case, this area offers many activities in any season ! In winter it is possible to ski or snowboard on its slopes, with routes suitable for all levels. In summer, however, it turns into a bike park, a real paradise for mountain bikers. It is also possible to follow various trekking paths, go up with the cable car and stop to taste the typical products in the various refuges present!

  • How to get: in va Bondi 473 / a. Easily reachable on foot from Via Plan (800 m, 10 min). On-site Mottolino Parking (free) – 
  • Timetables: based on activities and period. Consult the 
  • Ticket cost: based on activities and period. Consult the official website

8 – Sitas Livigno

Among the ski areas in the city certainly one cannot fail to mention Sitas Livigno, with the access located right in via Plan . Its convenient location, a few steps from the main accommodations, make it a very popular area, both in summer and in winter!

In summer, you can take the cable car and reach the highest peaks of the mountains around Livigno . You can also indulge in many activities such as trekking, mountain biking and hiking. Obviously, there are numerous mountain refuges, where you can taste the typical dishes of the area. In winter, however, you will find numerous sunny ski slopes, given the location, and really suitable for everyone. On site you can also rent skis and boots or attend ski school lessons!

  • How to get: in via Ostaria 79 / c. Easily reachable on foot from Via Plan (350 m, 4 min) and from the MUS! Livigno and Trepalle Museum (400 m, 5 min) – 
  • Timetables: based on activities and period. Consult the 
  • Ticket cost: based on activities and period. Consult the official website

9 – Lake of Livigno

Livigno is immersed in a wonderful landscape, that of the Italian Alps. From here, in a short time, you can reach unique natural beauties , such as Lake Livigno!

There are so many activities to do on the lake , especially in the summer! You can admire the view from the belvedere, follow the lakeside promenade until you reach the Val Alpisella restaurant or practice water sports. In fact, you can rent a kayak (1 h € 10.00), a Stand Up Paddle board (1 h € 10.00), a rowing boat (2-seater 1h € 10.00, 4-seater 1 h € 15 , 00) or a pedal boat (1 h € 12.00). If, on the other hand, you want to admire the lake from above, then we advise you to follow the path that takes you to Crap de La Paré, a wonderful viewpoint!

Located 2 km north of Via Plan. Reachable on foot (30 min) or by car via Li Pont (5 min). Onsite Free Parking – 

10 – Val Federia

Another natural beauty to visit in Livigno is the Val Federia. A mix of nature, sport and tradition, ideal for spending a few hours in peace, alone or in company!

It is one of the most popular valleys for trekking and mountain biking in the area ! Here you will find numerous paths, some more strenuous, others very simple to do as a family, which will give you breathtaking views and walks in the woods. Along the paths there are also several huts and farmhouses, ideal for tasting the typical dishes of the area!

Reachable on foot following one of the many trekking routes that start near the historic center. One of the landmarks is the Chiesa Addolorata di Federia –

11 – Larix Park

If you visit Livigno with children during the summer , you certainly cannot miss a few hours of fun in the Larix Park adventure park. Included within the Mottolino Fun Mountain, it is a place completely immersed in nature.

The Larix Park is made up of different adventure trails among millenary larches ! There are 9 routes, some suitable for the little ones, others for children and some designed specifically for adults and for those looking for an adrenaline experience. It is one of the most beautiful adventure parks in Valtellina and Lombardy, in continuous transformation, with new passages and sections every year!

  • How to get: in Via Gerus. Easily reachable on foot from the Mottolino car park (1.7 km, 20 min). On-site Parking P5 Teola (free) 
  • Timetables: summer opening every day 10: 00-17: 30. Consult the
  • Ticket cost: based on the chosen routes. 1 full route € 19.00, reduced € 15.00. Unlimited itineraries full € 29.00, reduced € 25.00

12 – Casc’eda dala val Neira

We continue the discovery of the natural beauties in the surroundings of Livigno. Surely a wonderful waterfall could not be missing : the Casc’eda dala val Neira, located in the territory of Monte Vago.

To reach the waterfall you will have to follow a really simple but spectacular trek , with beautiful views! It is also suitable for family trips, in fact it is one of the most popular excursions to do with children.

The circular path starts from the P8 car park (9 km from Livigno following via Forcola, 10 min by car). Then just follow the signs ” Casc’eda dala val Neira “. Get ready for beautiful scenery –

13 – Lake del Monte and Lake of Foscagno

Finally, in addition to the Lake of Livigno, in the surroundings of the locality it is possible to reach other splendid lakes . One of these is the Lago del Monte, 12 km from Livigno, located in the homonymous valley. As with the Casc’eda dala val Neira, the lake can only be reached on foot . However, it is a more difficult trek: the route is about 10.8 km with a difference in height of 660 m, with an average duration of 2 h 50 min outward and 2 h 30 min back. The starting point is the P7 Alpe Campaccio car park, reachable by car –

If you are traveling with your family or you don’t want to go on long trekking trails, then we recommend a visit to Lake Foscagno. It is a glacial lake located at 2235 m, near the pass of the same name. Here you can relax on its banks or follow one of the many paths to stroll around. Given its location, you can easily reach it by car from the center of Livigno, following the SS301 (15 km, 20 min) –

What to see in Livigno in one day: recommended itinerary

Leave your car at the Mottolino car park and start the day with breakfast at Il Dopolavoro , which offers excellent coffee and delicious sweets! Here you will find yourself right on Via Plan , the heart of the city, the shopping street par excellence. From here, go all the way up to the MUS! Museum of Livigno and Trepalle , which we recommend you visit to get to know this wonderful area. From here, reach the Parish Church of S. Maria Nascente .

For lunch, go to the Dairy of Livigno !Here you can taste different typical products in the part dedicated to the restaurant and then visit the workshops and the small museum and maybe even buy something! From here then enjoy a walk among nature until you reach the Lake of Livigno . Here you will have various options: follow the lakefront until you reach the Ristoro Val Alpisella to have a drink at the outdoor tables or you can rent a kayak or a rowboat!

In the late afternoon, return to the historic center and Via Plan, this is where the nightlife is concentrated! But first we advise you to stop for dinner at Bai del Ghet !

Winter alternatives: if you visit Livigno in winter, we recommend that you spend a day on the slopes of the Carosello 3000 ski area, and then take part in aperitifs near the Stalet après-ski slopes, with DJ sets and themed parties! Alternatively, you can spend the late afternoon and evening along via Plan, shopping and aperitifs!

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