Milan: here are the best places to enjoy bao, steamed Chinese buns

They are among the most popular street foods of the moment: bao, small steamed buns typical of Chinese gastronomy. Usually they are stuffed with pork, but lately the chefs of the best oriental-inspired places have been unleashed in numerous recipes. So here are the bao filled with duck, chicken, vegetables or – daring even more – with horse meat or tripe. Here are, according to MyMilano, the best places to enjoy them in the city.

Mu Dimsum

It is located in via Caretto 3, in the area of ​​the Central Station . It offers traditional Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine. Numerous bao recipes are proposed. From the more classics, such as the Bao Bao, steamed bun stuffed with organic pork, Chinese cabbage, ginger and spring onions , the Char Siu Bao, grilled sandwich with caramelized organic pork, and the Veg Bao, with vegetables. The menu also includes appetizing recipes such as Peking Bao with Peking duck and red curry and Black Char Siu Bao, a steamed black bun filled with caramelized pork. They can also be enjoyed at snack time, accompanied by tea as in China, or for a snack.


On Isola, one of the most popular districts for the Milanese nightlife, there is Bob (via Borsieri), where bao can be tasted at aperitif time along with a cocktail. Recipes on the menu include Bao Bacon (stewed bacon, caramelized red onion, spicy mayonnaise), Bao Prawns (Tempura shrimp, spinach and wasabi) and Bao Octopus (with octopus, teriyaki sauce and sweet cucumber with Sichuan pepper) .

Kungfu Bao 

Let’s move to Viale Monza where we findom Kungfu Bao: a small and economical Chinese restaurant dedicated above all to hand-made ravioli and Chinese sandwiches, offered in both savory and sweet versions. Most popular are grilled bao stuffed with pork. Always pork, but roasted and caramelized, char siu bao. Vegeterians, on the other hand, are bao with bamboo, mushrooms and pak choi.

Bao House

The Taiwanese version of Bao can be tasted at this meeting place dedicated to street food. The specialties include vegetarian fillings , for example with mixed mushrooms stir-fried with onion and teriyaki sauce or with fresh tofu braised in soy sauce with spring onions, ginger and carrots. There is also room for carnivores: the variant with roast duck sautéed with spring onions and sweet and sour sauce is tasty.

Mini Maoji Navigli 

He is the brother of the historians Mao Hunan and Maoji Street Food and is located on the Pavese towpath. There is some seating, but the take-away mostly works here. The bao are in the classic versions, but there are also those stuffed with tripe or cod.

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