Milan itinerary in 3 days

On an Italian level, Milan is undoubtedly the capital of events, fashion and innovations . Without however neglecting authentic masterpieces of art and architecture, such as the famous masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, referring to The Last Supper , or the majestic Cathedral, symbol of the city. A weekend in Milan, therefore, means an eclectic tour, to discover history and future, worldliness and unbridled shopping, with an eye on evening walks and good food. Here is the itinerary of Milan in 3 days .

Day 1

1 – Mattina: colazione, Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Teatro alla Scala

Our tour to discover Milan in three days cannot fail to start from its most representative and known element throughout the world, namely the Duomo . Right after breakfast, maybe at Miss Sixty’s(prices starting from € 3.00 per person) right nearby, we enter the majestic cathedral and we are about to visit both its interior and the terraces. The Cathedral is open every day from 08:00 to 19:00, while the terrace is open every day from 09:00 to 19:00. The cost to enter the Duomo is € 2.00 for adults; access is free for children up to 6 years old. The terrace, on the other hand, costs € 13.00 (adults) and € 7.00 (children aged 6 to 12) if you want to go up with the lift; if you use the stairs, the cost is € 8.00 for adults and € 4.00 for children aged 6 to 12. Free access for children under 6 years old.

At the end of the visit, we continue to Piazza della Scala , but not before having crossed the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II , full of luxury shops. As the name of the square suggests, it is known for hosting the most famous Teatro alla Scala . The theater museum is open every day from 09:00 to 17:30 and is closed on December 7th, December 24th in the afternoon, December 25th and 26th, December 31st in the afternoon, January 1st , Easter Sunday, 1st May and 15th August. The cost to access is € 7.00 for adults, € 5.00 for students and over 65s. Children under 12 enter for free.

Less than 300 meters from the theater, there is Piazza Mercanti, where the Palazzo della Regione and other important buildings are located and, from there, we can continue along via Dante, the place where we stop for lunch, because it is full of bars.

2 – Afternoon: Lunch, Sforzesco Castle, Sempione park, Fashion District, Piazza San Babila

After having lunch at Risoelatte (prices starting from € 20.00 per person), near via Dante, we continue in the afternoon to the Castello Sforzesco , which is located just down the road. The entrance to the castle to walk in the beautiful gardens is free (open every day from 7:00 to 19:30), while to access the museums it is necessary to purchase a single ticket of € 5.00 (€ 3, 00 for students and visitors over 65). The opening hours of the museums are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 17:30, closed on Mondays.

Right next to the castle, the magnificent Sempione Park extends , which also houses the Palazzo dell’Arte de La Triennale and the Arco della Pace . The park is accessible every day for free, from 06:30 to 21:00.

Our afternoon walk continues along the Quadrilatero della Moda , or the area that, among others, hosts via Montenapoleone and via delle Spighe, two of the most important streets of Milanese shopping and high fashion . From here, always on foot, we reach Piazza San Babila , with its neo-fascist architecture and the first skyscraper in Milan, Torre Snia Viscosa .

3 – Sera: Cena, corso Vittorio Emanuele II, piazza Duomo

To conclude our first day and the circular route in the evening, we return to Piazza Duomo, which is connected to Piazza San Babila by Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, another shopping street, but certainly more accessible. Here we organize ourselves for our dinner and we are spoiled for choice, as this area is full of bars and restaurants. Our advice falls on La Locanda del Gatto Rosso , with prices starting from € 30.00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance covered : 5.4 km / 1 h 7 min
  • Places visited : Duomo (€ 2.00, terrace € 13.00), Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, Teatro alla Scala (€ 7.00), piazza Mercanti, Castello Sforzesco (€ 5.00), Sempione park (free), Fashion District, Piazza San Babila
  • Recommended cards, tickets and tours:Milan Cathedral: entrance ticket and visit of the roofMilan Cathedral, La Scala Theater and Sforzesco Castle
  • Where to eat: Breakfast at Miss Sixty ( Get directions ), Lunch at Risoelatte ( Get directions ), Dinner at La Locanda del Gatto Rosso ( Get directions )

Day 2

1 – Mattina: colazione, Cimitero Monumentale, chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie e Cenacolo Vinciano, basilica di Sant’Ambrogio

Our second day in Milan begins with an unusual visit, always in the heart of the historic center, or the Monumental Cemetery of Milan . First, however, we stop at the Adaga Bar of the Gym for a breakfast starting from € 6.00 per person and, immediately after, we enter the cemetery.
This place is worthy of mention because, in addition to hosting famous people of the caliber of Alessandro Manzoni or Gino Bramieri, it also has tombs that are real works of art . Admission, of course, is free and is allowed every day from 08:00 to 18:00, with the exception of Mondays, which are closed.

At the end of the visit, we take the subway to Garibaldiand, with line 1, we get off at Cadorna or Conciliazione to reach the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where, more important than the church itself, is Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper . The famous painting can be admired from Tuesday to Sunday, from 08:15 to 19:00 (closed on Mondays, January 1st, May 1st and December 25th). The visit lasts 15 minutes and is reserved for groups of thirty people , so it is advisable to book it well in advance. The cost is € 10.00 for adults, plus € 2.00 for the booking fee; children aged 18 to 25 pay € 5.00 plus € 2.00 for the booking fee; students and minors under 18 pay only the booking fee.

At the exit, before lunch and with a walk of about 5/10 minutes, we can visit the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, interesting to admire both inside and outside . The basilica is open for free from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00; Sundays from 15:00 to 17:00.

2 – Pomeriggio: pranzo, chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, pinacoteca Ambrosiana

After a lunch near the basilica, perhaps at Boccondivino (menu from € 30.00 per person), we continue our visit to the churches reaching San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore , which is in an excellent state of conservation and as the seat of the Archaeological Museum. of Milan . The church is accessible free of charge, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
At the end of the short visit, just 600 meters from the church, the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana awaits us , one of the most prestigious museums in Milan and which, within which, also houses the Library with the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo da Vinci. The Pinacoteca is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on Mondays, December 25th, January 1st and Easter). The Library, on the other hand, is accessible from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00 and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, on public holidays, on 7 December, from 23 December to 6 January, from Holy Thursday to Sunday. after Easter, during the summer holidays. The single cost of entry is € 15.00 for adults and € 10.00 for children under 18 and over 65.

3 – Sera : cena, Navigli

In the evening, we finally take part in the real Milanese nightlife and reach the Navigli area, to stroll through the streets or along the Darsena . We can decide to dine at Momento , right near the Naviglio Grande, with proposals starting from € 25.00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance covered : 7 km / 1 h 27 min
  • Places visited : Monumental Cemetery (free), Last Supper (€ 12.00), basilica of Sant’Ambrogio (free), church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore (free), Ambrosiana art gallery (€ 15.00), Navigli
  • Recommended cards, tickets and tours:guided tour of the Last Supper
  • Where to eat: Breakfast at Adaga Bard della Palestra ( Get directions ), Lunch at Boccondivino ( Get directions ), Dinner at Momento ( Get directions )

Day 3

1 – Mattina: colazione, piazza Gae Aulenti, Bosco Verticale, corso Como

After two days spent discovering the architectural and cultural beauties of the city, we dedicate this last day to the modernity and innovation that characterizes Milan , also enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. So we move immediately to the Isola district , and first of all we stop at Zaini for our breakfast, where a coffee at the counter costs just € 1.00.
As soon as we recharge our batteries, we visit Piazza Gae Aulenti , recently redeveloped, which houses the largest skyscraper in Italy and other institutional buildings. The square is free and always accessible.

In the same neighborhood, we also take a look at the Vertical Forest, two buildings in which more than 800 trees are planted and which represent one of the first forms of eco-sustainable construction . The Vertical Forest hosts different types of accommodation, ranging from a minimum of 65sqm to a maximum terrace of 450sqm. Among the condominiums it is very easy to find some VIPs. Thanks to a pedestrian walkway, this area is connected to Corso Como, another meeting place for restaurants and shops, where we can devote ourselves to our lunch , perhaps pausing calmly in one of the places that, weather permitting, also allow lunch outside.

2 – Pomeriggio: pranzo, CityLife, stadio San Siro

As soon as the lunch stop at Il Prime Milano – Lunch Time (complete menu from € 30.00 per person) is finished , we continue our relaxing afternoon by visiting the newly built Milano CityLife shopping center , which houses hundreds of shops and also a cinema. . The center is open for free every day, from 09:00 to 21:00 (restaurant area until 23:00).

If you are passionate about football and sports in general, we cannot fail to add a visit to the San Siro stadium to our tour, also in the area, where the matches of Inter and Milan are played. The stadium is open every day from 09:30 to 17:00 and the cost for the tour is € 15.00; children under the age of 14, those over 65, the disabled and their carers pay € 11.00. Admission is free for children up to 6 years old.

3 – Sera: cena, quartiere Brera

Even if a visit to this district alone would be worth a trip to Milan, at least one evening must be dedicated to it: we are talking about the Brera district , known for its bohemian charm, with Parisian features . From the San Siro stadium, we first take underground line 5 and get off at the Garibaldi stop, where we continue with line 2, up to Lanza.
We thus arrive in this area called the artists’ quarter , which is undoubtedly the most suitable place for our last dinner in the center of Milan and, in particular, we recommend a stop at Bioesserì , a restaurant and pizzeria in the heart of the district, with prices at starting from € 15.00 per person.

In summary:

  • Distance covered : 13.3 km / 2 h 47 min
  • Places visited : Piazza Gae Aulenti, Bosco Verticale, CityLife, San Siro stadium (€ 15.00), Brera district
  • Recommended cards, tickets and tours:Milan: San Siro Stadium and Museum Self-Guided TourEntrance ticket to Casa Milan
  • Where to eat: Breakfast at Zaini ( Get directions ), Lunch at Il Prime Milano – Lunch Time ( Get directions ), Dinner at Bioesserì ( Get directions )

How much does a weekend in Milan cost

Milan is the city of luxurious streets, important shops and nightlife , so it attracts above all lovers of fashion and worldliness. Transport is well organized and its costs fall within those of the average of the most important European cities, daily life is more expensive than in other Italian cities , although offering an infinite number of options and attractions, both cultural and leisure.

  • Costs for eating : about € 55.00 per day per person (including breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Costs for museums and attractions : around € 18.00 per person per day following the itinerary we suggest
  • Transportation : about € 4.50 per day per person; a possible transfer by taxi from the airport costs € 100.00 per way per car, while by bus the cost of the ticket is around € 10.00 per person per way
  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b : from € 90.00 per night per room for a central hotel with breakfast included – see the offers
  • Leisure : from € 20.00 per person per day for a stop at the bar and a typical evening aperitif with buffet
  • Total cost of a weekend in Milan : from € 500.00 per person (flights excluded)

Before leaving: useful tips

  • When to visit Milan : Milan can be visited all year round, perhaps avoiding the colder months (January and February) – find out more
  • How to get: by plane thanks to its two international airports, Malpensa and Linate ( flights starting from € 39.00 – see the offers ). Transfers to the center can be operated by bus (about € 10.00 each way per person), or by taxi (one way € 100.00 per car). Connections with Italian cities are also guaranteed by the high-speed railway line and the new bus lines
  • Where to sleep: the main attractions of Milan are mostly concentrated in a single area, so we recommend staying overnight in the historic center (Duomo area or Piazza della Scala), to be able to reach them all easily, even on foot – hotels and b & b from € 70.00 per room – see the offers
  • Getting around : with its four lines, the metro is undoubtedly the best method for longer distances. The cost of a single ride is € 1.50; the day ticket, valid for 24 hours from the first validation, costs € 4.50 –

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