Mines in Lombardy: 6 places to visit full of stories and beauties

Lombardy is a region rich in historical, artistic and cultural attractions where there is no shortage of opportunities to go back in time to places and worlds that may even appear very distant to us. Surely it is very nice to relive determinedhistorical moments through the observation of finely modeled and decorated buildings inside, but it is even more so to touch the experience and fatigue of yesterday’s workers .

And this is what happens in a mountainous region like that of Lombardy: it is not difficult to come across caves and mines, where the miners worked hard from morning to evening, even risking their lives.

Here, below, the mines not to be missed and to visit in Lombardy . Discover them now!

Bagnada mine, Sondrio

Located in the city of Sondrio, talc was worked in this mine in Valmalenco, and its extraction continued until the end of the 1980s. Since 2008, the mine has been abandoned from its usual purpose, only to undergo a revolution and be used as a museum. Inside the museum of the Bagnada mine you can admire the most important minerals present in the valley, as well as the typical objects of daily work in the mine, which were a kind tribute to the families of the miners and local artisans. In one of the mine’s galleries, evocative concerts are held periodically. This can happen thanks to the particular acoustics of the high rocky vaults, which make the sound clearer and more widespread.

Ecomuseum of the mines of Gorno, Bergamo

In the Lombard city of Bergamo it is possible to access one of the most important mines in the area, namely the mines of Gorno. Zinc was once processed precisely in the Gorno mines, which was present in abundance in the Riso Valley, that is, an extensive valley of the Val Seriana. Also not to be missed is the ecomuseum, which is rich in ancient testimonies, the mining sites of Costa Jels which are also the longest-lived in Gorno. Here you can learn the story of a miner who was buried alive in a mine for nine days.

Sant’Aloisio mine, Brescia

This is the largest iron mine in Val Trompia, in which to dedicate oneself to Mining Trekking or to the daring paths of the adventure park: Tibetan bridges, footbridges, ladders, a vertiginous Tyrolean at more than thirty meters high await you!

Schilpario mine, Bergamo

The Schilpario mine, located in the province of Bergamo, can be counted among the main mining complexes in Lombardy. In this mining site you absolutely must not miss the visit to the original mining railway: right here you can admire significant vintage photos, information panels, original tools of the time that were used in the past by the miners.

Gaffione mine, Bergamo

Located in the Orobie Park, it is part of the Schilpario mining complex where you can get lost in the emotion of a visual and auditory story of what life was like inside the mines. You will spend the time of your visit listening to the stories of the experiences of old miners, who will guide you along the same paths they traveled in first person.

Marzioli mine, Brescia

The Marzioli Mine, located in the city of Brescia, is at a height that not everyone can practice, unless you train properly. But do not worry because a comfortable train will take you to 700 meters, allowing you to sit comfortably and enjoy the surrounding landscape. You will live a wonderful experience able to involve you thanks to an unrepeatable reproduction of original sounds and voices: you will relive the experience of the hard working life of miners.

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