Monte Isola: the splendid “pearl of Lake Iseo”

Monte Isola is an enchanting town located on Lake Iseo in the province of Brescia known as the “pearl of Lake Iseo”, a sort of mountain that rises on an island. Tourists love it for the evocative landscapes, and for the colors that are possibleenjoy during walks. In this fishing village, time seems to have never passed : those who visit it no longer want to leave because of the tranquility that distinguishes it, given the fact that it is an uncontaminated place, far from the hustle and bustle of large metropolises.

All you do is look around, without missing a single detail of this splendid place, wandering along characteristic alleys and listening to the pleasant noises of nature.

The peculiarity of this municipality is that it does not have a single historic center, but rather there are 12 : the capital Siviano, Carzano, Masse, Cure, Menzino, Novale, Olzano, Peschiera Maraglio, Porto di Siviano, Sensole, Senzano, Sinchignano . There are also two small islands: the islet of Loreto to the north, the island of San Paolo to the south.

In Monte Isola it is not possible to use cars , but the only means allowed are the bicycle or the bus. Those who are well trained can choose to walk the coast road, enjoying the silent green and the spectacular panoramic views of the Brescia coast and the Bergamo coast.

Reaching the highest point of the island, 600 meters high, in the locality of Cure , where you can enjoy a breathtaking view, can be a nice recreational and physical activity. During the beautiful days it is a must to visit this place, where the sixteenth-century Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola stands, which is located on the top of the mountain overlooking the island.

The Sanctuary preserves inside some very suggestive frescoes dating back to the 16th century. Always if the weather permits it is possible to take a nice boat trip to discover the other villages in the area. Those who love cycling can enjoy numerous itineraries, as there are many that can be traveled alone or in company.

Before embarking on this initiative, you should get well informed at the local tourism offices also to understand which are the most challenging routes, and which are the easiest, in relation to your level of training. Also not to be missed is the Flower Festival in September, and the Feast of San Rocco in August.

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