“Ponte nel Cielo”: the highest Tibetan Bridge in Europe in Lombardy

In Valtellina, suspended between the spectacle of the Lombardy mountains, an incredible and spectacular Tibetan bridge was built, not surprisingly called “ Ponte nel Cielo ”. Measuring 234 meters in length and being suspended 140 meters highit has earned the title of the highest Tibetan bridge in Europe .


This walkway thus offers the possibility of walking immersed in a strong adrenaline sensation , transmitted by the proximity to the void.

The “ Ponte nel Cielo ” connects the two sides of Val Tartano, from Campo to Maggengo Frasnino and the opening of the Valtellina valley floor. The end of this same path is Lake Como, where you can stop and rest enjoying the beauty of its waters.

Otherwise, you can start from Frasnino and continue along the trekking path called “Sentiero dei Ponti”, a stretch surrounded by mountains but accessible to the whole family.
From children to adults, anyone can walk the Bridge in Heaven and live a truly unique experience.

The catwalk is the result of a collaboration. Men and women belonging to the community, strongly linked to the beauty of Valtellina, wanted to give it new life by joining the Püstarèsc consortium. The goal is to entice tourists to visit the area and appreciate the show.

The entire structure was designed taking the Tibetan bridges built in Switzerland and Austria as a cue, trying to ride the same successful wave to draw attention to the Valley.
The consortium is still young and with few resources. If you want to take part in the defense of Valtellina you can donate € 100 to the cause, and win one of the 700 boards that make up the bridge’s flooring.

Each donor will be allowed free access to the bridge during the opening hours for three years, as well as the use of the support hut built in Frasnino. His name will then be marked on the notice board at the start of the route, so as to remember his generosity.

A place dedicated to birdwatching is also in the works, again in the finish area in Frasnino. Here you can observe eagles and owls typical of the place and try to spot the famous Gallo Cedrone, symbol of the Regional Park of the Orobie Valtellinesi. An addition that aims to complete the development of the path associated with the bridge, so as to entertain families with the various outdoor activities.

For those interested in reaching the bridge, it is possible to get there by starting by car and following the signs to reach the city of Tartano. Once you arrive you can leave your vehicle in one of the car parks and continue on foot. Or you can take advantage of public transport, especially the buses that depart from Morbegno and arrive in Campo Tartano.

Prices and Reductions

  • Full: € 5
  • Free: children and teenagers up to middle school

The ticket is valid for one passage only, one way including the return. It is not refundable, even in case of bad weather.

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