Royal residences in Lombardy: from Milan to Monza via Mantua

The history of Lombardy tells of great families who have created artistic and architectural wonders that today can be visited to admire the interiors of places of the past or for the many exhibitions that take place there.

In fact, royal residences in Lombardy are often the right place for important exhibitions, but they also fascinate for the locations in which they are inserted, often with large green spaces or in the historic city center.

Villa Reale di Monza: a residence surrounded by greenery

Thinking of Lombard residences, one of the first that comes to mind is certainly the wonderful Villa Reale in Monza . With its magnificence, every year it attracts tourists and visitors from all over who are interested in visiting the rooms, admiring exhibitions , often dedicated to great names in photography, or looking for green spaces in which to stroll.

The villa, dating back to 1970 , was built by Piermarini at the behest of Maria Theresa of Austria. Its architecture refers to other times, from the royal apartments, to the roundabout of the Appiani, but don’t leave without having a look at the Rose Garden! In fact, here you can admire over 4000 varieties of flowers.

Palazzo Reale in Milan: place of exhibitions at the foot of the Duomo

The Royal Palace is one of the symbols of Milan that has always made it the wonderful city it is. It represents a crossroads between the historical past and today’s metropolis, launched towards the contemporary.

It is located to the right of the Milan Cathedral and its perspective, together with the Arengario and the small square, make it a perfect glimpse. What we see today is the result of Piermarini ‘s rethinking that in the second half of the 18th century. To be catapulted into another era, just look out over the sumptuous neoclassical staircase of honor. After passing the courtyard and going out into the small streets behind, far from the Duomo, you can also admire the gardens of the Royal Palace .

Its interiors host some of the most important exhibitions in the city every year, attracting many tourists from all over, making the ancient Hapsburg court the symbol of European culture.

Palazzo Ducale in Mantua: custodian of great works

In the heart of Mantua is one of the examples of the greatest royal palaces, dating back to a period ranging from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century: Palazzo Ducale.

The palace, which for a long time housed the Gonzaga family , occupies almost two thirds of the first circle of the town forming a complex that unites churches, palaces, squares, arcades and gardens. Its interiors house works of great names in art such as Pisaniello and Mantegna , just to name a few.

To greatly enrich the visit there is also a museum, opened thanks to the volunteers of the Italian Touring Club, in which about 350 classical statues are exhibited.

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