Sirmione: the wonderful “Pearl of Garda”

The areas located on Lake Garda represent some of the most evocative places that Italy can boast of with its villages, the lakefront, the bars, the beaches and the tourists who fill the entire territory with life in summer. Among these, one of the most evocative placesand popular is, without a doubt, Sirmione which rises on the Lombard shore of Lake Garda.

Sirmione is nicknamed “Pearl of Garda”, due to the beauty of the landscape that goes well with the houses, streets and squares. Sirmione is built on a fairly narrow and long strip of land, which connects it to Verona and Brescia.

The history of the town of Sirmione begins in the second millennium BC. C., in the Bronze Age. The lake pile-dwelling settlements, which extend from Salò to Garda, have been known since the nineteenth century.

Among the curiosities concerning the municipality on Lake Garda is the fact that in the lower Garda area, in particular, three submerged sites have been found : in the area of ​​Lake Maraschina (Municipality of Peschiera del Garda) in 1971, in that of Porto Galeazzi (Municipality of Sirmione) and San Francesco (Municipality of Desenzano del Garda) in 1976.

On the tip of the island it is possible to admire the ruins of a very large villa, or the Grotte di Catullo , which preserve frescoes dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries BC and it is right in the vicinity of the latter that it is possible to visit a small museum, in which are preserved archaeological finds and reconstructions of the Roman villa.

Not to be missed is the Scalingero Castle , with its high and crenellated walls, with its marvelous dock (which has recently been opened to the public) and the medieval village. Also worth a visit is the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore , which was built in the 15th century and contains frescoes dating back to the same period.

Inside the municipal gardens there are the remains of the Ancient Church of S. Salvatore and, to the south of it, there is even an ancient necropolis excavated in 1998. In this enchanting place there is no shortage of tourist attractions, facilities and the services for tourists who, once arrived, will be able to admire the wonders of this place and, why not, sit in a kiosk to drink a refreshing drink.

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