Soncino, one of the most beautiful and spectacular ancient villages in Italy

About forty kilometers from Cremona, easily reachable along what is now the provincial road 498, you arrive in Soncino , a charming village where you can dive into the past. Not by chance, Soncino is a place full of stories and surprises present, with full rights, in the list of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”.

Without any doubt, one of the qualities that stand out most when going to Soncino, is properly linked to the fact that this fourteenth-century village, not only is a real open-air museum , but is also able to quickly make people forget modernity, traffic and stress. Not for nothing, to access the village of Soncino, the visitor has to cross a bridge, under which the river Oglio flows.

Obviously, as soon as you enter, you cannot fail to be amazed by the clear feeling of having literally taken a dip in the past. On the other hand, it is impossible not to experience this incredible emotion, walking around and admiring, among other things, the Casa degli Stampatori , the Civic Tower and, of course, the Sforzesco Castle .

There are so many things that await the visitor in Soncino, the village in the province of Cremona. Dating back to the 10th century, the Rocca is one of the most fascinating attractions that this delightful ancient village offers. Basically, it is a masonry, a wall created for defensive purposes, first against the Hungarians and, subsequently, in the second half of the tenth quarter century, it was the bridgehead of the Milanese to curb the expansionism of the Republic of Venice. . The main courtyard is interesting, overlooked by three square towers and a cylindrical tower.

An excellent example of what typical military architecture represents , Soncino is a village that knows how to give life to wonderful sensations, all corroborated by the excellent state of conservation . Arriving at what is the highest part of the Rocca, as well as being able to admire a delightful panorama, the Meroni spinning mill stands out, which has now become the Silk Museum .

This very large building in which the yellow color dominates, is, to all intents and purposes, a small jewel, born from the passionate work of Enzo Corbani, the “creator” of this very interesting museum. Here, in fact, it will be possible to admire, through audiovisual media taken from what were the archives, the complete cycle, or rather from the breeding to the processing of silk.

In addition to the famous Soncino Castle, there are many beauties to admire: from the Pieve dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, passing by the Church of San Giacomo and the Casa degli Stampatori.

As already mentioned, Soncino is one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. 

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