The 10 best museums to see in Lombardy (excluding Milan)

The Lombardy region is a land particularly rich in history, cultures, art and secret places to discover and get to know. Not only Milan, the other provinces also have hidden treasures of great value that are definitely worth a visit. So here are the 10 museumsto see in Lombardy .

Lecco, Manzonian Museum

Certainly, among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy, the one dedicated to one of the most iconic figures of Italian literature could not be missing. Located in Lecco, in via Don Guanella 1, the Manzoni Museum develops in the rooms of what was once the house where Alessandro Manzoni spent his childhood. In nine rooms, it extends into a more than captivating literary journey accompanied by original furnishings, memorabilia and works. In practice, a visual story that increases the knowledge of what was a great novelist, playwright, poet and writers of all time.

Cremona, Museum of the Violin

Famous Lombard location, Cremona is not only known for the three T’s, namely Towers, Torrone and Torrazzo. In fact, it offers an interesting museum entirely dedicated to the ancient art of the luthier who, in fact, sees Cremona excel to the point that this ancient and noble profession has become an Intangible Heritage of Unesco. The Cremona Violin Museum, therefore, deserves to be among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy for its absolute value. Located in Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, the Cremona Violin Museum offers an exhibition itinerary where the creativity, craftsmanship and art that has become famous all over the world is narrated.

Pavia, Museum of the Certosa di Pavia

Among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy, an incredible jewel is the Museum of the Certosa di Pavia which is located in via del Monumento 11. On two floors, it offers the incomparable opportunity to admire and deepen the history that has characterized the Certosa of Pavia. In addition to visiting the plaster cast gallery, inside the Museum of the Certosa di Pavia there is an important collection of works of art, in which there are numerous paintings dating back to the Renaissance period that are of absolute value.

Lodi, Laus Pompeia Museum

Lodi, a charming Lombard village that had its maximum cultural and artistic splendor during the Renaissance period, is able to reserve some pleasant and interesting surprises. One of these is his Laus Pompeia Museum which is located at number 14 in vicolo Corte Bassa. Historic Roman municipium, it was destroyed in medieval times. After centuries, in which its ancient remains had remained underground, in modern times they have been brought to light. A show that the visitor can admire right in the heart of the old Lodi. The Laus Pompeia Museum in Lodi, in fact, is an interesting exhibition of archaeological finds that tell its millenary history.

Brescia, Museum of Santa Giulia

For its value and for how much it is preserved, the Museum of Santa Giulia, located in Brescia in via dei Musei, represents a unicum both in Italy and in Europe. Among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy, this museum is an incredible and wonderful journey that unfolds in over 2,000 years of history. Within a monastic complex of clear Lombard origin, over fourteen thousand square meters enclose spirituality, art and history, which start from prehistoric times and then go up to the present day.

Bergamo, GaMec Museum

An innovative and prestigious museum, the GaMec, located in Bergamo at number 53 of via San Tomaso, is entirely dedicated to all the various languages ​​of both modern and contemporary art. Inaugurated in 1991, it is a sort of “workshop” of what can be the current visual culture. Hosting, among other things, important collections and collections of works by great artists such as, for example, Manzù, it is an unmissable event for admirers of experimental projects and temporary exhibitions.

Sondrio, Valtellinese Museum of History and Art

For those who want to learn more about the artistic and historical heritage of this fascinating area, the appointment is in Sondrio at number 27 of via Maurizio Quadrio. In fact, it is precisely here that the very interesting Valtellinese Museum of History and Art is located. Duly inserted among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy, the Valtellinese Museum of History and Art, is a fascinating journey, as well as representing an excellent heritage, rich in various collections and archaeological evidence of immeasurable value from every point of view. Not for nothing, preserved here are finds from prehistoric times, as well as dating back to the medieval period alongside artifacts that are more recent.

Mantua, Civic Museum of Palazzo Te

Built at the turn of 1525 and 1534, Palazzo Te in Mantua is, without doubt, one of the most famous works that were created by Giulio Romano, a famous Italian architect. Commissioned by Federico II Gonzaga, Palazzo Te in Mantua was a monumental work erected in honor of Isabella Boschetti, his mistress. Once destined for receptions, parties and entertainment, today Palazzo Te in Mantua, in a pressing riot of beauties, narrates its ancient and historical deeds. Frescoes, works of art such as, for example, the Fall of the Giants, and more, are some of the wonderful beauties that welcome the visitor. Of particular interest, then, is the Mesopotamian collection.

Varese, MaGa Gallarate

Acronym of Gallarate art museum, the MaGa is an obligatory stop among the 10 museums to see in Lombardy, for all lovers of modern and contemporary art. Born in 1996, today it has become an important service center and exhibition center entirely reserved for contemporary art. Located in via Egidio De Magri, the MaGa museum in Varese offers 5,000 works, as well as ceramics, drawings, sculptures and paintings. Furthermore, the visitor will have, among other things, the opportunity to admire works of graphics, design objects and photographs, by those who have been the most important Italian artists from the twentieth century onwards.

Monza and Brianza, Rossini Art Site Museum

At number 3 of via Col del Frejus in Briosco (MB), there is an incredible open-air museum, the Rossini Art Site. Located within the park of the Lambro Valley, in ten hectares, you can admire the important collections that belonged to the patron and entrepreneur Alberto Rossini. Among the beautiful surrounding hills and evocative views overlooking the Alps, the visitor will admire works by Grazia Varisco, Andrea Cascella, Fausto Melotti, Giò Pomodoro, Bruno Munari, Pietro Consagra and many others.

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