The 10 best pizzerias in Milan

If we think of pizza, the city of Naples certainly comes to mind, the homeland of this delicious dish now widespread all over the world. Milan, on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan city where you can find any culinary specialty . Among Japanese restaurants, gourmet burgers, trattorias, taverns and bistros, even the classic pizzerias peep out and it is possible to find traditional ones, offering the real Neapolitan pizza.

The excellent raw materials, the light and easily digestible dough, the professionalism and dexterity of the pizza chefs certainly make the difference as regards the final result. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy an excellent pizza even in the Milanese capital, here is a guide for you.

1 – Marghe

Born only in February 2016, this pizzeria has already conquered the hearts and palates of the Milanese. The minimal and refined environment could discourage the more traditionalists, until the steaming pizza arrives at the table. The colors are the right ones, the aromas and flavors too. Pizza Teo, with double yellow datterino tomatoes, is the house specialty. The dough is elastic and not rubbery , with its beautiful cornice that encloses the filling.

  • Address: via Cadore, 26 – via Plinio, 6
  • Specialty of the house: Pizza Teo, with double datterino
  • Average price for a pizza 10 Euros

2 – Pizza AM

It is a small but cozy place, with a slightly extravagant but all in all pleasant decor. The menu is very limited and includes only 6 varieties of pizzas , including the Marinara and the Bella Margherita. If you want to look at the ingredients, the pizza of this place has very little of Neapolitan: the extra virgin olive oil is Tuscan, the fior di latte instead comes from Bergamo (choice dictated by the desire to avoid the problems related to the conservation of the product), but try to taste the house specialty and you will change your mind.

  • Address: Corso di Porta Romana, 83
  • Specialty of the house: Bella Margherita
  • Average price for a pizza 8 Euros

3 – Frijenno Magnanno

It is a cozy pizzeria with a sober style , which offers a limited number of seats, so reservations are required. It is a traditional pizzeria , the owners are keen to point out this feature. The list of pizzas is divided into classic and gourmet, the latter are filled with selected ingredients, slow food and of excellent quality.

  • Address: via Benedetto Marcello, 93
  • House specialty: Frijenno Magnanno pizza, with tomato, mozzarella, aubergines in oil, sausage and parmesan
  • Average price for a pizza 7 Euros

4 – Piz

In the central area there is this pizzeria, whose owner is the same as Pizza AM. This is also a deliberately extravagant place, which wants to conform to the Milanese taste – the welcome prosecco! – but not too much. The pizza is not strictly Neapolitan , in fact it has a low and almost toasted edge, but it is equally delicious and good.

  • Address: via Torino, 34
  • Specialty of the house: pizza Delicata Bianca Special (with chives)
  • Average price for a pizza 8.50 Euros

5 – Maruzzella

A place that can count on a wood-burning oven for cooking pizzas dating back to 1978, as well as on excellent pizza chefs who work hard, with care and passion. According to some, the pizza is even crunchy, thus deviating from traditional standards.

  • Address: piazza Guglielmo Oberdan, 3
  • House specialty: Margherita with buffalo mozzarella
  • Average price for a pizza 7 Euros

6 – Briscola

In this list we also include a chain, so called because in addition to the two places in Milan, Briscola also boasts one in Florence. What unites the locations, at least the Milanese ones, is the pizza which is really very good . The menu is quite varied, with proposals ranging from the classic ones to some more original ones , such as pizza with eddy, walnuts and pears. The dough is well worked and leavened, the cornice responds to traditional standards.

  • Address: via Antonio Fogazzaro, 9 – via Piero Della Francesca, 31
  • Specialty of the house: Briscola pizza, with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, raw ham
  • Average price for a pizza 8 Euros

7 – Dry

Certainly best known for its cocktail bar, Dry is a pizzeria much appreciated by lovers of gourmet pizza and a little mistreated by traditionalists. The latter, in fact, may find the possibility to choose between classic pizzas a little inconvenient, and then add different toppings and ingredients that raise the price.

  • Address: via Solferino, 33
  • Specialty of the house: Focaccia stracciatella and sweet Crudo d’Osvaldo
  • Average price for a pizza 12 Euros

8 – Lievito madre

This place has dedicated a pizza to Massimo Bottura, the famous starred chef, who particularly enjoyed, after tasting it, the pizza with mixed buffalo provola , Conciato romano and yellow tomatoes. The Margherita, often used as a yardstick to ascertain the quality of the pizza, is very good, as well as the size and price of the rest of the proposals. The place is a bit small and the diners are a little tight, a small “price” to pay for an excellent dinner.

  • Address: Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11
  • Specialty of the house: pizza Margherita with DOP buffalo mozzarella
  • Average price for a pizza 9 Euros

9 – Starita

It is the Milanese headquarters of the historic pizzeria opened for 115 years in the Neapolitan capital, one of the best known and most appreciated in the world. For these reasons it is very popular and crowded, even at lunchtime. The pizza is, of course, the real Neapolitan one , and the menu mirrors that of the first place. If you don’t want to waste time reading all the proposals on the pizza list, go on the safe side by ordering a Montanara, fried and then baked in the oven.

  • Address: via Giovanni Gherardini, 1
  • House specialty: Montanara pizza
  • Average price for a pizza 9 Euros

10 – Berberé

A decidedly snobbish place, but you only discover it if you stop at the appearance of the environment. This is the Milanese headquarters of a chain, which boasts four other branches located in Bologna, Castelmaggiore (BO), Turin and Florence. As far as flour and tomato sauce are concerned, the five pizzerias get their supplies from a Bolognese company that deals with organic products , Alce Nero. The pizzeria’s menu is linked to seasonal offers , particular attention is paid to vegetables. The house specialty orange oil is homemade.

  • Address: via Sebenico, 21
  • Specialty of the house: pizza with San Daniele raw ham, fiordilatte, buffalo mozzarella and orange oil
  • Average price for a pizza 10 Euros

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