The 5 best artisan panettone in Milan

Associated with traditional Christmas gastronomy, panettone is one of the typical sweets of Milan. Widespread in Italy, panettone is also very popular in the rest of the world. Towards the middle of the twentieth century, it always was more established its industrial production, however, there are still many panettone artisans who produce this Christmas delight following what is the traditional recipe.

In general, the artisan panettone of Milan has a cylindrical base, which ends in a shape that resembles a dome. Typically, it is obtained thanks to a leavened dough that is based on egg yolk, flour and water. To this delicious mixture it is customary to add, in equal parts, cedar, orange peel, candied fruit, and raisins.

But in front of so many panettone that you can buy, which are the best artisan panettone in Milan ? Even if all the artisanal panettone of Milan are their own and true masterpieces and very exquisite, discover below our favorites to try this year. Here they are!

Pasticceria Cova

A pastry with over two centuries of history and tradition in the preparation of panettone handed down for several generations. Located in one of the most exclusive streets of the city, it is perfect for those seeking the ultimate in refinement. 

Address: Via Monte Napoleone 8 – 20121 Milan

Pasticceria Marchesi

A real jewel located in the heart of Milan which in a nineteenth-century and very elegant atmosphere offers an absolutely delicious panettone with an enveloping scent. 

Address: Via Santa Maria Alla Porta 11 / a – 20123 Milan

Pasticceria Martesana

Surely one of the best pastry shops in Milan, it knows how to welcome its customers with a soft dough panettone and high quality ingredients. 

Address: Via Cagliero 14 – 20125 Milan

Sant Ambroeus

Historic pastry shop located a few steps from via Montenapoleone, has a truly chic proposal of dishes and desserts. During the Christmas period it presents a panettone with a sublime flavor and an intoxicating smell. 

Address: Corso Matteotti 7 – 20121 Milan

Pasticceria Cucchi

Pleasant place, where time seems to have almost stopped, with high quality pastries. The panettone is equally exceptional, with a deep and enveloping aroma.

Address: Corso Genova 1 – 20123 Milan

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