The 5 best Sicilian Cannoli in Milan

Of course, it might seem strange to be in Milan and feel a sudden urge to eat a lustful Sicilian cannoli . But in the concept of globality, today as today, even in terms of gastronomy, nothing is impossible.

So, since it is not utopian to eat an excellent Sicilian cannoli in Milan , let’s see which are the 5 best places where you can eat delicious ones.

Here are our favorites!

The Cannolo

At 51 / A in Corso Garibaldi you can satisfy the desire to taste an excellent and delicious Sicilian cannoli in Milan. This charming place offers two simple and tasty versions, namely a small and a large format. Both versions, then, are embellished with genuine decorations such as, for example, pistachio grains from Bronte, orange peel from Ribera and chocolate drops from Modica. Divine, moreover, the cannoli wafer, thin and with a delicate cinnamon scent, prepared on the basis of an ancient family recipe. To the delight of lovers of true Sicilian cannoli, ricotta is, of course, made from sheep.


Sicilian Pastry La Delizia

At number 41 of Via Solari, therefore near the Navigli, the proposed Sicilian cannoli lead the palate to directly savor the goodness of this famous Sicilian specialty. Since what is fundamentally important is that the product is delicious and genuine, you will not even notice the minimal decor of this place. In fact, what matters is to taste an excellent and true Sicilian cannoli. So, even if it looks more like a shop than a pastry shop, you can eat excellent Sicilian cannoli filled with sheep’s milk ricotta.


The Sicilian

At number 85 of Via Teodosio there is this incredible place where, in addition to tasting a delicious Sicilian cannoli, the true gourmands will find many specialties that will satisfy them. Elegant restaurant, it is a location that invites you to taste the excellent Sicilian specialties. In fact, in addition to offering delicious Sicilian cannoli and other tasty sweet delicacies, it also offers the opportunity to taste the excellent salty specialties typical of Sicily. A true gastronomic journey from Milan to Sicily.



In the Navigli area, precisely in Corso di Porta Ticinese 58, you can find excellent cannoli of the Sicilian tradition, with excellent pistachio or chocolate chips. For savory lovers there are also many arancini with fillings of all kinds. Although in the heart of Milan, this elegant pastry shop will immediately immerse you in the flavors of the largest island in the Mediterranean.


Ammu Cafe

At number 32 of Corso Magenta, you can eat Sicilian cannoli prepared with sheep’s milk ricotta that comes from the best dairies in Palermo and with waffles prepared in Catania following the teachings of ancient recipes. Furthermore, every need can be satisfied, since it will be possible to taste an excellent Sicilian gluten-free cannoli. It is, therefore, the ideal place to satisfy the desire for a Sicilian cannoli prepared at the moment.


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