The 5 most beautiful islands of Lombardy

Secular stories, masterpieces of great beauty and an exotic nature. All this, and much more, are able to offer the 5 most beautiful islands in Lombardy . Broadly speaking, to enjoy the exotic nature, you are ready to leave to reachplaces such as, for example, Los Roques, Antigua or Saint Martin. Instead, to admire all the beauty and splendor of nature you do not need to take a plane and reach distant destinations.

In fact, just reach the 5 most beautiful islands in Lombardy . Real lake pearls that can be reached simply by ferry or, if desired, even on foot.

Isola di Loreto sul Lago d’Iseo

Even if it is a private islet, it is possible to admire this exotic place thanks to the numerous boat excursions that go around it. The trip to the island of Loreto on Lake Iseo is therefore very suggestive and attractive. Purchased by the nuns at the end of the fifteenth century, a convent was built there which in 1580 was abandoned. Costanzo Ferrari, a famous nineteenth-century writer, set several scenes from his historical novel Tiburga Oldofredi there. In the first decade of the twentieth century, Vincenzo Richieri built a castle in perfect neo-Gothic style, embellished, among other things, by a beautiful conifer garden. In addition to this, it should be remembered that this beauty is located right in the immediate vicinity of Monte Isola.

Isola dei Cipressi sul Lago di Pusiano

In Brianza and, more precisely, between the provinces of Lecco and Como, lies the lake of Pusiano, otherwise known as Eupili or Casletto. Right here, there is one of the 5 most beautiful islands in Lombardy, or the island of Cypresses, a wonder that extends for about two hectares. The history of this exotic wonder began in the Neolithic period. In fact, on its easternmost point, a village of stilts once stood. Today, the visitor will be able to admire an incredible natural panorama, dominated by numerous plants, peacocks, damsel cranes, crowned cranes, storks, turtles as well as kangaroos, wallabies and squirrels.

Isole Borromee sul Lago Maggiore

Obviously, among the 5 most beautiful islands in Lombardy, the Borromean islands of Lake Maggiore could not be missing, a natural jewel envied and loved all over the world. Malghera, Isola San Giovanni, Isola dei Pescatori, Isola Bella and Isola Madre are the precious pearls that form this dream archipelago. Places where luxuriant gardens, luxuriant nature and fantastic baroque palaces create one of the most evocative vision in the world.

Isola Comacina sul Lago di Como

Reachable thanks to a boat service from Ossuccio, the Comacina island offers six hectares of archaeological areas and a riot of typically Mediterranean vegetation.

Isola di San Biagio sul Lago di Garda

Also known as Isola dei Conigli due to the thick presence of these sweet animals, the island of San Biagio is, concluding, among the 5 most beautiful islands of Lombardy precisely for its beauty and for its crystal clear water that is not it has nothing to envy to that of the Caribbean.

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