The 6 most beautiful villages in Switzerland less than 2 hours from Milan

Perhaps not everyone knows that the club ” The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy ” is part of an international federation that brings together 9 nations, including Switzerland, France and Spain. The association “the most beautiful villages in Switzerland” has 40 villages in its network6 of which are less than 2 hours from Milan .

This is a good reason to go and discover them, in a context of rare beauty, to spend a day or a weekend a little different from the usual, immersed in nature and culture.

Below, therefore, the 6 most beautiful villages in Switzerland that can be reached in less than 2 hours from Milan. Discover them now!


Canton Ticino

This village with a strong Mediterranean connotation is called “the pearl of Ceresio”. Its arcades invite you to stroll and its maritime pines give it that “Portofino” touch. Absolutely to see the Scherrer Park, a beautiful botanical garden where admission is free this summer! The monumental staircase that leads to the church of Santa Maria del Sasso requires a certain commitment, but the view that opens from the churchyard amply repays the effort. An aperitif in the large square is the worthy conclusion to a Morcotese day.


Canton Ticino

This village gives its name to the homonymous valley, the southernmost in Switzerland. The nature here is very luxuriant and the green is very intense. The cobbled alleys of Muggio are very pleasant to walk and the late Baroque church of San Lorenzo is a little gem. Reachable with a short walk, the oratory of San Giovanni di Tur from 1582 is in a very suggestive position. Also noteworthy is the hamlet of Cabbio, with its ethnographic museum and the beautiful fountain-wash house from 1844.


Canton Ticino

Overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, Ascona is a crossroads of cultures, where the Italian, German and Swiss identity find a perfect synthesis. The wide lakefront, entirely pedestrianized, invites you to stroll and its numerous restaurants for a pleasant stop. In the alleys there are fine buildings such as the Serodine house from 1620 or the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia from 1399. You cannot leave the village without a visit to the nearby Monte Verità or the Brissago islands.


Canton of Grisons

“The threshold of Paradise” as the painter Giovanni Segantini defined it, dominates the Bregaglia valley from a natural terrace. Numerous palaces rise from the tangle of houses. Among them, absolutely not to be missed is the Palazzo Salis of the patrician family of the same name. In the Vicolo la Streccia numerous stables have been restored and some are open to the public with temporary exhibitions. From the village there are beautiful walks from which to admire the “Dolomite” laces of Cengalo, Badile and Bondasca.


Canton of Grisons

This typical Walser village along the banks of the Upper Rhine at an altitude of 1400 meters has a typically alpine air. The smell of hay, cows and cheese is everywhere. Reachable from both the San Bernardino and Spluga passes, the upper part of the village is full of interesting buildings, among which the great Evangelical church stands out. In the lower part, the cobbled “Bodenplatz” is a spectacle, and the imposing hotel that overlooks it has made the history of the Swiss hotel industry. Despite being a German-speaking municipality, Italian is widely used.

Simplon Dorf

Canton of Valais

Many know the Simplon pass, but not everyone knows that in addition to the pass there is also the Simplon village; precisely Simplon Dorf! At an altitude of 1450 meters but only 30 kilometers from Domodossola, despite being in Swiss territory, the village is very much affected by nearby Italy and is closely linked to it. The center is classified as a site of national importance and its “Dorfplatz” (central square) is a real gem. Take a tour of the Eco-museum to discover the history of the pass and don’t leave the village without trying Switzerland’s oldest rye bread.

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