The Blue Lake of the Brughiera Briantea Park: Water lilies and Colors in a magical atmosphere

Among the many beautiful and evocative lakes of Lombardy there is one that most of all offers its visitors a very particular show of colors thanks to a unique feature: on its waters, from May to September, an expanse is reflectedof pink water lilies which gives the landscape an enchanting alternation of colors .

It is not for nothing that the French impressionist painter Claude Monet made water lilies one of his trademarks, portraying them in about two hundred and fifty paintings. If you want to try your hand at the art of painting, or if you just want to admire the beauty of nature, without straying too far from Milan you can head towards the Blue Lake of the Brughiera Briantea Park , located in the municipality of Lentate sul Seveso .

In the province of Monza and Brianza there is in fact the Brughiera Briantea Park , one of the largest forest areas in the Lombard plain. Here, among oaks, chestnuts and Scots pines, in the municipality of Lentate sul Seveso, you can find the Azzurro lake which in summer is covered with pink water lilies.

Water lilies are floating aquatic plants, almost completely submerged, with leaves that caress the water and the flower that blooms gently above them. Particularly widespread in the northern hemisphere, they find their ideal habitat in small lakes.

Another feature of Lake Azzurro is that it hosts numerous species of birds such as the honey buzzard, the barn owl and the kingfisher, just to name a few.

The Brughiera Briantea park is worth a visit because it is also full of paths and cycle paths in the green and in the company of small mammals. To reach it, just take the Milano-Meda highway, exit at Lentate sul Seveso (or on the SS36 Vallassina exit at Verano Brianza) and continue towards Mariano Comense.

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