Signature mixes in delivery format, for a drink to be sipped comfortably at home

The Milan “to drink”, the historic cradle of mixing, amazes your taste buds and pupils once again with ad hoc delivery services that deliver a refined selection of signature drinks directly to your home in the time of a click  . International recipes and   signature cocktails from the best brands in the city are revealed enclosed in vacuum packs, elegant branded bottles and personalized glasses, with all the essentials – toppings and ice – to recreate the authentic atmosphere of a Milanese cocktail bar.

For a bartender-proof homemade toast, you just have to choose your favorite mix, ready to be sipped; for the occasion, Flawless has selected  cocktails in Milan with home delivery … cheers !


Known as the smallest cocktail bar in the world, Backdoor43 – belonging to the great little Mag family – is a symbol of the Milanese mix of the Navigli, enclosed within a few square meters. Precursor of the innovative “drink away” formula, Backdoor43 also reaches the taste buds of its tasters at home, with a captivating selection of signature cocktails already mixed and ready to sip, inside its iconic branded glasses.


The famous signs overlooking the Navigli of Rita & Cocktails and Rita’s Tiki Room went out of their way to prepare a delicious delivery proposal capable of enclosing the know-how of mixing and the exotic atmosphere that distinguishes their eclectic soul. Colorful cocktails and surprising combinations will reach your home, enclosed in convenient jars and bottles ready to be poured and tasted slowly. The extra gem? Delicious samples from the menu for a guaranteed explosion of taste.


Also on this occasion the Pinch guys have made it big: a rich drink list in delivery format – enriched by tantalizing alternative food – awaits you, in the name of traditional mixes and Signature cocktails in ready-made vacuum-packed portions, accompanied by delicious toppings and the right amount of ice to reproduce your favorite drink in simple steps, to be consumed upon delivery or refrigerated for 2/3 days. If indecision reigns supreme, opt for the advantageous “combo” and “kit” packs, containing more mixes and, to make your toast even more fun, add  Jubevji , the Pinch drinking game to your order.


Under the sign of mixology art signed by Luca Marcellin’s expertise, the two Milanese brands Drinc. Cocktail & Conversation and Drinc. Different bring to your homes a unique selection of ready-to-pour bottled cocktails, to which only ice is added, for a signature tasting.


Eppol’s cocktails at home can only give intense emotions: a selection of Signature mixes to be tasted sip by sip, rediscovering that creativity and experimentation typical of this Milanese “good drink” sign. And if the tasting moment is “for two”, choose the Aperitif Combo kit, with two drinks of your choice, fries and mini club sandwich.


A few steps from Porta Venezia, Baobar amazes taste buds and pupils with a constantly evolving drink list, where sweet, dry, fragrant and spicy cocktails are intertwined in a captivating proposal. For your toast, this mixing sign offers kits with all the essentials to make some of its signature cocktails directly at home, in just a few steps.


An iconic address for Gin lovers in the city, The Botanical Club offers its loyal customers a selection of home-made Gin and tonic waters to make their favorite bartender-proof cocktail at home. Well-known labels for Botanical regulars, a brand new limited edition version and the famous Spleen et Idèal: these are just some of the intoxicating options just a click away, to be delivered to your home.


From the bluest place in all of Milan, between design and cosmopolitan atmospheres, an ad hoc delivery arrives that will conquer mixing lovers. Turbo offers its Signature Cocktails in bags, ready to be poured and sipped slowly: an explosion of freshness and international suggestions, to be accompanied, perhaps, by a delicious, freshly baked pan pizza.


A unique selection of cocktails and special boxes dedicated to the world of mixing: this is the proposal of Tongs, a cocktail bar a few steps from the Navigli which, with its delivery service, intoxicates our palates with surprising combinations, including international recipes and Signature cocktails enclosed in delicious bottles with logo, ready to be sipped. And if your alcoholic passion falls on a particular type of Spirit, the thematic packs for an intoxicating ad hoc journey are for you!


A reference point for mixing in the Isola area, Bob has a truly captivating drink in store for us. A selection of the most popular Signature cocktails enclosed in branded bottles – in the 125, 250 and 500 ml formats – to accompany delicious dishes from the kitchen, including his famous bao and dumplings, along a journey between Italy and Asia .


Ofelé is not only synonymous with coffee and essential sins of gluttony; this sweet sign, in fact, reserves a special space for a selection of cocktails already portioned in envelopes, to be tasted during a regenerating aperitif. From the most classic and beloved mixes, such as the iconic Aperol Spritz to colorful experiments, to be accompanied by a selection of appetizers, including hummus, mixed olives and artisanal crackers.


This delivery dedicated to mixing and delicious sandwiches, filled at the moment, could be defined as a “spin-off” of the Milanese brands signed by Giacomo Bulleri. An ad hoc service for those who want to indulge in a pampering of taste in pure Italian style even within the walls of the house, sipping a signature cocktail.


From the lands of the Rising Sun to Milan, Kanpai brings the flavors, aromas and colors of the East to Lombardy, but not only in via Melzo: thanks to the brand new online sign – Kanpai Deli – you can, in fact, travel to discover Japan directly at home. In addition to the food proposals, to conquer your taste buds you will find a selection of ad hoc cocktails, studied by the local mixology art.


Mu Corso Como teases our palate with a selection of cocktails in a jar, to which ice is added for a perfect tasting. Classic cocktails and international experiments are intertwined at a time of an unprecedented drink list with Asian hints, such as the tantalizing food proposals for a delicious aperitif, including bao, rolls, edamame and ravioli.


From Veneto with love, Tàscaro conquers the Milanese palates with a must of the regional tradition: the famous Spritz. A cocktail prepared to perfection that can be accompanied by a greedy selection of cichèti , savory tastings that tell the territory in all its genuineness and variety. An intense and tasty delivery, capable of bringing the flavors and aromas of Veneto directly to your home.


GLOVOA 100% Italian concept, Gud has conquered the hearts and palates of the Milanese with a fresh and genuine proposal, opening various stores in the key points of the city, from the Darsena to City Life. To remain faithful to the wishes of its loyal customers, Gud has activated a home delivery service which, in addition to the delicious gastronomic proposals, offers a selection of cocktails in bags ready to pour and consume, for a truly unique moment of relaxation.

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