The Fraggia Waterfalls: a natural jewel nestled in the mountains of Lombardy

Suggestive and, partly visible also along the road that leads to Borgonuovo, a town located in the province of Sondrio, the Fraggia Waterfalls represent one of the many beauties that can be admired in Valchiavenna. The majesticthe spectacle offered is so spectacular that even the great Leonardo da Vinci was so impressed that he mentioned them in his famous Codex Atlanticus .

At the top of this incredible place, there is an aided path that winds through rocks, gorse and chestnut trees . At its end, you will be able to see this natural spectacle up close. If you proceed, making a very short detour to the right, you will come to a large terrace, which is really a short distance from the thunderous whirlwind of the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls. The spray of water and its roar is so strong that it seems to be inside it.

Given its incredible and fascinating features, the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls form an impressive natural complex . In fact, in this magical place, there is a splendid landscape and a more than interesting geological park. Furthermore, its two waterfalls are an excellent representation of a U-shaped glacial excavation.

The stream of the same name comes to life from the Pizzo di Lago, a point over three thousand meters high that acts as an Alpine watershed. In fact, it is precisely from here that rivers arise which, later, will flow into the Black Sea, the North Sea and, of course, the Mediterranean. The one of the Fraggia Waterfalls is a suggestive show that is characterized by a double jump . Not for nothing, the term Acqua Fraggia, or “fracta water”, indicates precisely the fact that the path of the stream is interrupted by waterfalls.

But in addition to being interesting from a landscape, natural and geological point of view, this place is also very fascinating from a historical and cultural point of view, thanks to which you can relive the history of these mountain people. In addition, it also offers the opportunity to visit the villages of Dasile and Savogno which are both located at an altitude of one thousand meters, as well as Cranna , a village which is located at a little less than six hundred meters above sea level.

For nature lovers, for those interested in botany , the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls offer an incredible adventure. In fact, here you can admire an extensive carpet of Allium Ursinum, a suggestive chestnut wood, tree heather, silver fir, alders and even the rare Oplimennus undulatifoglia and pteris cretica.

Rich in hiking itineraries , a visit to the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls is a fantastic opportunity to admire a seductive spectacle totally in contact with a wild and luxuriant nature, right in the heart of the Bregaglia.

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