An exclusive journey between artistic perfumeries and olfactory ateliers

Discovering the Milanese addresses in which to live  unique olfactory experiences . Author fragrances respond to the wishes of a curious public who wishes to tell their story and personality through essences capable of recalling memories and emotions. Real  works of art , the result of the alchemy between precious molecules, to be discovered in the most exclusive boutiques in the city.

An intoxicating journey in search of the perfect perfume: Flawless has selected  artistic perfumeries  and  olfactory ateliers  where you can be conquered by refined bottles and bouquets of a thousand and one nights. The high perfumery in Milan will surely know how to amaze and win your heart.


An authentic Italian home to live and inhabit. At Acqua Parma the spaces vibrate with light and from room to room you live an ever-changing experience. The over 100 square meters of the boutique unfold inside the  historic Palazzo Melzi di Cusano , an elegant example of late neoclassical architecture dating back to 1830, whose facade overlooking Via Gesù is marked by harmonious arched windows. Around the  table of fragrances , everyone can live their own personal olfactory experience, trying and choosing their favorite composition. On one of the walls stands the “Signatures of the Sun” collection, the highest expression of the art of perfume according to Acqua di Parma. Le Nobili ,  Cologne  then appears in an extremely light installation and  Barber . And while the onyx counter and the informal elegant stools welcome guests, inviting them to get to know the art of gifting up close, the Home Collection captures the attention. A perfect completion of the path is the dehors, with decorations and materials that evoke the style of an Italian patio.


In the very early 1960s, Desmond Knox-Leet, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Gautrot, moved by an exceptional love for beauty, opened a boutique called Diptyque at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain. Here, the trio exhibited their fabrics with characteristic motifs, objects, new or old, from all over the world, wooden toys, window stickers, pomanders. The whimsical bazaar  was successful and, two years after its opening, in 1963, the first  trio of scented candles was born :  The ,  Aubépine ,  Cannelle. Along with these, the famous labels with dancing letters appeared. So Diptyque celebrated luxury craftsmanship, in the purest tradition of savoir-faire and “handmade”, in which every gesture reveals its importance: from the choice of raw materials to the delicacy of accords inspired by nature. Today the brand celebrates its first sixty years and in the Milan boutique, just like yesterday in the shop at 34, boulevard Saint-Germain, refinement is always the master. The Maison pays homage to this mythical anniversary by launching a new fresh, floral, sensual, woody eau de parfum. And obviously without a gender connotation. The pleasure of discovering  L’Orphéon is yours .


The first Italian store of the Australian brand was created in collaboration with the Milanese architect Vincenzo De Cotiis. The building that housed a delicatessen in the 19th century is today a design space dominated by neutral tones: pale peach for the plaster, light gray for the balustrade and the concrete floor. The serene colors of these elements contrast with the metallic sheen of the display shelves, arranged asymmetrically. Functional and minimalist, in worked brass, they pay  homage to Milan  and its  roots as an industrial city. Further contrasts emerge from the sculptural sales counter and the structure that houses the sinks. Beyond the sales area there is a work area furnished with restored period pieces and a large table in memory of the old shop. Inside the shop a selection of  excellent skincare products  for careful skin care, and  all the fragrances of the brand . New to discover now is “Adventurer Roll Up”, a compact kit to carry essential hand care products with you created in collaboration with the RÆBURN fashion studio.


An  olfactory library  that tells stories of famous people, mythical years, poems and music. The figures of George Sand, Colette, Casanova, Jules Verne, Mata Hari, Eugénie de Montijo, together make up a gallery of romantic, epic, neoclassical, voluptuous characters, born from the fervid imagination of Gérald Ghislain, a Parisian sui generis who has chosen to transform his inspiration in perfume. Histoires de Parfums perpetuates the know-how of  Haute Parfumerie French, the refinement of raw materials, nobility and creativity through persistent fragrances, with dense and extremely sensual notes. The classic olfactory families (Fougère, Aromatica, Oriental) draw on unexpected elements to obtain original and surprising collections. Like “This is not a blue bottle”, a line imbued with modern art that owes its name to the work of Magritte, the famous Belgian surrealist painter of the 1920s.


CULTI MILANO was born from an intuition of Alessandro Agrati: the perception that even space and objects can have a scent, that it is possible to  surround oneself with olfactory quality , as well as beautiful things in pleasant environments. Trait d’union between the world of design and the world of the senses, that of CULTI is a completely new concept of perfumery: you don’t need bouquets when you have simple and recognizable fragrances, such as unique and non-replicable raw materials, offers of nature and from our country. Each fragrance is carefully studied by  the Olfactory Laboratory to be unique and timeless, but also to agree in an extraordinary and never casual way with all the others, offering the personal and precious possibility of choosing essences for oneself or for the most expensive environments. Above all original, like the wicker diffuser invented in 1990 and then imitated by other brands. The extreme  simplicity  and  elegance  of the fragrances is also found in the flacons and bottles inspired by old milk containers.


The exclusive flagship in via Fiori Chiari welcomes Amouage, an international luxury fragrance brand renowned for creating some of the most sought-after perfumes in the world. Founded in the  Sultanate of Oman  in 1983, the Maison has redefined the Arab art of perfumery  and has earned a global reputation for bringing modernity and true innovation to all of its creations. ” Keeping this philosophy, I want to take the brand towards new research ” relaunched Renaud Salmon, Chief Experience Officer of Amouage, to present the latest seductive Renaissance collection. Enclave ,  Crimson Rocks ,  Ashore ,  Meander: four sophisticated fragrances, housed in translucent bottles and beautifully colored artistic packaging, designed by British designer Bill Radzinowicz.

RANCÉ 1795 

Known as the official supplier of the French imperial court and Napoleon’s favorite perfumer, François Rancé revolutionized the art of perfumery by creating fragrances of timeless excellence . The Rancé generations continued to develop olfactory innovation and perfumed jewels for illustrious personalities of their time, until, in 1902, Alexandre Rancé decided to move the company to Milan, ushering in a new era for the Maison. Today, this iconic artisan tradition is told in the exclusive Corso Magenta boutique, animated by  ancient recipe books ,  natural ingredients selected, passion, research and creativity. From a special collaboration between Giovanni Rancé, CEO and Creative Director of the brand, and Maurizio Cerizza, one of the most famous Italian noses,  Sharisme Insensé , an aromatic eau de parfum chypre that includes a meditative note of incense, is born.


Born in the world of perfume (his grandfather was the founder of Parfums Christian Dior),  Malle  is an  iconic character in the world of haute perfumery . His radical vision of the fragrance universe led him, in 2000, to found Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, a Maison for perfumers where  fragrances become haute couture creations . The thirty-two perfumes created to date, without counting the limited editions, are the flagship of the Milanese boutique, the second in Italy after the one in via del Babuino in Rome. Seven the best known perfumes:  Bigarade Concentrée ,  Vétiver Extraordinaire ,  French Lover ,  L’Eau d’Hiver , Musc Ravageur ,  Carnal Flower  and  Portrait of a Lady . There are many accessories: candles, incense, perfumed body lotions, gift boxes. The possibilities to fall in love with the brand are endless.

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