The Orrido di Nesso, natural beauty one hour from Milan

In front of the beauty of the Orrido di Nesso , one can only be amazed. An amazement that even struck the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, the Nesso ravine was widely described in the Codex Atlanticus, a large collection of drawings and writingsof the Tuscan genius. The Orrido di Nesso is formed exactly where the Nosee and Tuf streams converge, streams that rise in the homonymous valleys, which, after this stupendous waterfall, flow into Lake Como.

Two hundred meters in altitude, deep and narrow gorges shaped by the perennial flow of tumultuous waters. All this is part of the charm and beauty of the Nesso ravine. A large waterfall that can be admired in Coatesa, a hamlet of Nesso, peacefully lying on the east bank of the Como branch of Lake Lario. But in addition to being something of natural beauty, the strength of these waters represented an important driving force for the territorial development of the place.

Not for nothing, they were used since the fourteenth century by the manufacturing industry, as well as by presses, hammers, spinning machines, mills, oil mills and paper mills. In addition to this, the driving force of the waterfall is vital for the factories that are dedicated to the processing of silk.

Mentioned in the famous Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo da Vinci , the Nesso ravine is mentioned in many historical books. In reading, for example, it is remembered in the War of Musso, a literary work by Gianbattista Bazzoni, just as the ravine of Nesso is the undisputed protagonist of aquatints of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, made by famous Larian painters such as Federico and Carolina Lose.

About sixty minutes from Milan, halfway between the enchanting Como and the fascinating Bellagio and reachable along the ancient Strada Regia, you arrive in Nesso, a pleasant Lombard village that has become famous for offering one of the most beautiful natural beauties can be visited in Lombardy . A wonderful and panoramic place, which allows you to admire the sumptuousness and strength of nature.

A deep natural gorge that the two streams have carved into the rock over the centuries and which has given rise to a jump of over two hundred meters. The ravine of Nesso, therefore, is an explosion of strength and beauty, a priceless jewel that is set on the rock overlooking the waters of Lake Lario.

The ravine of Nesso, among other things, can be admired both from the Roman bridge of Civera and from Piazza Castello, as well as, after having descended about three hundred steps, on the shore of the lake itself. Unquestionably, another wonderful point from which it is possible to admire the enthralling magnificence of the Nesso ravine is from the water. An opportunity not to be missed and that can be done by canoe, boat and boat.

A unique point of view, from which you can live an authentic experience characterized by fantastic colors and gives the unforgettable sensation that this amazing natural habitat can incredibly give. The more trained, will be able to take advantage of various hiking routes from Brunate and Bellagio connecting Nesso which are also accessible by mountain bike.

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