Val Verzasca: the “Maldives of Milan”

In Switzerland, about two hours from Milan, is the now famous Val Verzasca , a suggestive location located in a natural setting close to the Levantina Valley and the Maggia Valley, surrounded by mountains and near Lake Maggiore.

The Valley is particularly known for its crystalline waters, which not for nothing earned it the nickname of ” Maldives of Milan “, and for the spectacular canyon carved out by the Verzasca river. Here it is possible to take a bath in the cold waters of the river and relax while observing the transparencies and reflections of light that the water forms with the rocks.

Despite being surrounded by nature, the path to reach the Verzasca Valley is quite easy. You can choose to leave from the city of Tenero or from Posse. In both cases you will find specific paths that lead to the river and the mountain.

Trekking lovers love this area, as they are free to venture out to discover all the most beautiful glimpses and enjoy the green and blue panorama. An unmissable stop for those who are passionate about the mountains is the Sentierone , a path that crosses the entire valley from Tenero to the town of Sonogno. The beautiful path can be traveled either on foot or by mountain bike (excluding the steeper sections).

In Brione Verzasca there is a large bouldering park , a rock climbing activity much loved by climbers.

For those who prefer quieter and easier routes for the whole family, it might be interesting to follow the Path of Legends . The area is equipped with barbecue areas, picnics and bathing sections to be experienced.

One of the most panoramic and well-known points of the Valley is the Ponte dei Salti di Lavertezzo, a 17th century structure, rebuilt where there was a Roman bridge before. The river flows under the bridge, revealing the emerald green of the waters. For photography enthusiasts it is a must.

The same goes for the imposing Verzasca Dam . The wall reaches a height of 220 meters and it is possible to jump from its top to do bunjee jumping. The dam became world famous thanks to the jump at the opening of the James Bond film “GoldenEye”.

Staying on the subject of height, it is worth stopping to look at the Froda Waterfall , in Sonogno. All the 80 meters of the descent of the river are covered by wooden bridges that can be easily crossed from which you will enjoy a breathtaking view. Finally, still in the town of Sonogno, in the Generdini House, there is the Museum of the Verzasca Valley. Here are exhibited all the objects that tell the daily life in the area, so that you can immerse yourself even more in the culture of the place.

About two hours from Milan, the entire visit to the Verzasca Valley is a unique opportunity to connect with nature and be surprised by the mountain landscapes.

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Val Verzasca: the “Maldives of Milan”

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