Villa Arconati: the “Versailles” of Milan

Already defined as the little “Versailles” of Milan in eighteenth-century guides, Villa Arconati – FAR is, still today, one of the most majestic and beautiful villas in Milan. On the other hand, it is undeniable as Villa Arconati, popularly known as well as the “Versailles” of Milan also like the Castellazzo, is an excellent example of a cultural and architectural heritage that gives further historical value to the many beauties offered by the Milanese city.


The importance of this place is dictated, among other things, not only by its history but also because it housed a particularly significant amount of art furniture, sheet music, manuscripts, books, and works of art. The proponent of all this, the creator of this fantastic “Versailles” in Milan, was Galeazzo Maria Arconati , nobleman and patron. So, in addition to being known for having been the historical owner of both the Trivulziano Code 2162 and the Atlantic Code, both works by Leonardo da Vinci, he was also known for having designed Villa Arconati, or one of the richest and largest suburban villas that they can be admired in the Milanese area.

So, even today, arriving in via Fametta in Castellazzo di Bollate, a few kilometers north of Milan, the visitor will be breathless admiring Villa Arconati, the “Versailles” of Milan, a real pleasure area dominated by incredible collections and various beauties.

Heritage of incomparable value, of course, you cannot miss the opportunity, for example, to admire its gardens and its delightful water features , as well as the fountain of Diana, the fountain of Andromeda, the fountain of the Four Seasons, as well as the hunting lodge and the Scalinata dei Draghi. Over time this monumental complex has seen illustrious guests, such as, for example, Carlo Goldoni, Antonio Canova, Giuseppe Bossi and Stendhal . After a long and suffering period of abandonment, Villa Arconati, currently the seat of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation, has been open to the public every Sunday since 2015, starting from April and until December.

Historic villa of the Groane Park, Villa Arconati, the “Versailles” of Milan, absolutely deserves this combination. Not for nothing, in addition to the numerous treasures that are kept here, the Castellazzo represents an extraordinary example of what was the eighteenth-century Lombard baroque . For its grandiose style and its immense size, Villa Arconati is also a national monument.

If its park extends over twelve hectares, the surface of Villa Arconati is spread over a total area of ​​10,000 square meters, divided into 70 rooms and, giving credit to a well-known local legend, with 365 windows

In addition to this, admiring this wonderful villa, born as a country residence and as a place where Galeazzo Arconati could preserve the precious collection of art and ancient sculptures , one cannot, in conclusion, certainly not be struck by an infinite series of harmonizing elements, which architecturally become the natural proscenium of such great grandeur.

Opening hours and days

The complex can be visited from April to December during Sunday openings, from 11.00 to 19.00. For detailed information we advise you to consult the official website.

Prices and Reductions

  • Full ticket : € 7
  • Reduced Ticket : € 5 (“Friends of Villa Arconati-FAR”; children under 12; people with disabilities; associations and organizations affiliated with FAR; Villa Litta ticket holders)
  • Free : children under 6; carers of people with disabilities.

How to get

Villa Arconati is located in Castellazzo di Bollate, in Via Fametta. To get there, just take the SS Varesina road north for about 5 km.

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