Villa Litta Lainate, a marvel just a stone’s throw from Milan

Not far from Milan, it is possible to admire the amazing Villa Litta Lainate, which is one of the most beautiful and fascinating Italian villas. A structure that, despite its many centuries, is still able to excite and amazeevery visitor with the grandiose wonder of its fantastic garden and the splendor and majesty of its incredible interiors.


The Villa Litta Lainate , as well as having been a place where, in previous centuries, worldly receptions and memorable great parties were born, was a meeting place for intellectuals and great artists. An artistic testimony that is also possible to admire, for example, in the decorations present both in the rooms and in the Nymphaeum, places where it is easy to recognize the hand of important names such as Morazzone, Camillo Procaccini and Martino Bassi.

The literary world that has frequented Villa Litta Lainate and which has reserved memorable praise for it, notes celebrities such as Stendhal, Ugo Foscolo, Carlo Porta and Cesare Cantù . Nowadays, a visit to the Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta will allow you to admire all its beauties, as well as to retrace the various transformations that have taken place over the many centuries. An extraordinary adventure that will give every corner a unique moment of great emotional intensity.

To create this wonderful testimony, this splendor near Milan, great names worked on it such as, for example, Agostino Lodola, Giovanni Battista Volpino, Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli, Camillo Procaccini, Antonio Prestinari, Francesco Brambilla and Martino Bassi. In practice, the best artists belonging to the Lombardy area.

It was Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo who wanted to see this splendor built in 1585 which, even today, offers fascinating jewels of rare beauty. Dating back, therefore, to the sixteenth century, it stands in Lainate and, for its construction, Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo was inspired by the models of the Medici villas in Tuscany.

In addition to striking the visitor for its splendid architecture , Villa Litta Lainate offers numerous interesting places to admire. For example, its fantastic garden, which was created by Luigi Canonica in the 19th century, is an excellent example of an English landscape garden . Here, you will be greeted by an extraordinary variety of trees and plants, as well as by numerous greenhouses made in Art Nouveau style, fountains and statues. Undoubtedly, the Nymphaeum of Villa Litta Lainate is one of its main attractions.

Although it is known as the Nymphaeum, in reality it is the Palazzo Delle Acque , and it is precisely here that, the still functioning majestic water features, know how to give life to a scenographic effect that instills an immortal suggestion and, at the same time, of extreme avant-garde. Not for nothing, it is considered one of the most compelling and enchanting admirable examples in Europe.

Prices and Reductions

Water lilies + Serre (entrance with guided tour)

  • Full: € 10
  • Reduced: € 8 (residents in lainate; over 65, under 18; fai members; touring members; touring members in Lombardy; university students upon presentation of the university card; carta chiara2a; coop members; military; members of the association friends of Villa Litta; here ! CULTURE Coupon, + display case card; municipal employees of Lainate; ticket holders for Villa Arconati; ticket holders for Villa Carlotta; ticket holders for Volandia)
  • Family formula: € 28.00 (2 int. + 1 red. + 1 child free)
  • Free: children from 0 to 5 years; People with disabilities; journalists only if previously accredited

Palace + Serre

  • Single ticket: € 4.00


  • Single ticket: € 2.00

* Greenhouses can be visited only on Saturday and Sunday, according to opening hours.

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