What to eat in Milan: the 12 typical dishes not to be missed

The Milanese and Lombard cuisine is rich in typical dishes famous all over the world. Born with local products and particularly suitable for the cold of winter, the typical Milanese dishes are good, substantial and without frills, right like the Milanese.

Milan is the Italian city where it is easier to try the cuisines and typical dishes from all over the world and yet, despite this great openness to experimentation, the Milanese and Lombard gastronomy resists and continues to attract gourmets who want to try the authentic flavors of tradition here.

Saffron risotto

It is probably the most famous dish of Lombard cuisine. Its secret comes from the simplicity and quality of its ingredients starting from butter up to the precious saffron.

Braised veal

Along with rice you can also eat the mythical “ossbus”, the tasty pierced bone coming from the veal tibia.


Typical Milanese meatballs created not to waste the leftovers of boiled meats and braised meats. They are prepared with mortadella, sausage, bread, eggs and spices and then fried in butter.

Milanese cutlet

Even this dish is as simple as it is tasty and not for nothing is it much loved by adults and children, especially if accompanied with cherry tomatoes and rocket or french fries.


Pasta with a grayish color, quite similar to tagliatelle, typical of Valtellina. Prepared with buckwheat flour, it is “embellished” with cabbage, potatoes and cheese.


This is another one of those dishes you absolutely must try, especially in the autumn and winter period. With a strong and decisive flavor, it is prepared with cabbage and the less valuable parts of the pig.

Rustin denies

Veal knots breaded and browned with butter and bacon. Then drown in the broth and served with polenta.


Milanese tripe typical of the winter season. It is one of the most typical dishes of Milan so much so that “busecconi” is a very common epithet to identify the Milanese.


Typical hollow puffed bread inside product in the shape of a star. Perfect for a classic fresh and crunchy stuffed sandwich.


Typical Milanese dessert born in the sixteenth century, famous all over the world and a symbol of Christmas. Here too the ingredients are simple, but absolutely good and genuine.

Wrong Negroni

Cocktail created in the seventies in the Bar Basso in Milan consisting of sparkling wine, vermouth, campari and a slice of orange.


Milanese drink born in the early nineteenth century made with chocolate, milk, coffee and sugar. Suitable for all seasons because it can be served both hot and cold.

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