What to see in Como: from the center to the lakefront to the Volta lighthouse

Northern Italy is full of lakes , all unique and unforgettable. Each of these bodies of water offers views, villas, colors, gardens, small villages and traditions.

The Lake Como , for example, lies in the shadow of the Alps and its gardens, especially from April to May they have a real color explosion and perfumes.

Como from villas to medieval streets

The city of Como rises on the waters of the lake to which it gives its name. Surrounded by picturesque villages, it includes both the medieval streets of the historic center and the sumptuous historic residence of Villa Olmo .

Built in the 1700s, this stands right on the lakefront and today offers art exhibitions and a wonderful Italian garden to those who decide to visit it.

Finally, a must is the Volta Temple which recalls the Roman Pantheon . Erected on the occasion of the centenary of Alessandro Volta ‘s death , this place wants to pay homage to him by exhibiting original and reconstructed scientific instruments, documents and materials on his life.

Como and the Brunate lighthouse

In addition to a walk in the historic center, Como is the starting point to discover the Volta lighthouse of Brunate .
In fact, a rack funicular starts from the lakefront and leads up to the top – at about 700 meters above sea level – from which it is possible to admire the whole lake. Here, after a short walk, you reach the Volta lighthouse also built for the centenary.

The magic of Christmas

You know, Christmas is able to make everyone fall in love with its magical atmosphere. There are cities that light up with giant lights and trees, and others that become real toy towns. Como is just one of them. Thanks to technology, every year its most beautiful square is colored with all the colors of the rainbow , turning the buildings into gingerbread houses and telling stories.

And finally, let’s not forget the thousand villages that overlook the lake, offering wonderful corners of our beautiful country!

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