The cult addresses in Milan where you can sip a perfect Gin Tonic

If it is known throughout Italy as the “Milano da Bere” there will be a reason: in its whirlwind of appointments, the Milanese capital stands out for the constant search for novelty and the mixing performed in its innovative cocktail bars is no exception, as in the case of  one of the most desired drinks : the  Gin Tonic . Born by chance for medical purposes for British soldiers and consolidated as today’s weekend medicine, it accompanies the best aperitifs and after-dinners in Milan to discover unique neighborhoods and locations. Between dehors, gardens, coveted cocktail bars and exclusive rooftops, this drink unites all the Gin lovers in search of the most original spirits and the coolest signs in the city.

When it comes to Gin, everyone has their preferences: there are those who love the driest spirits and those who are more fragrant, those who rely on established brands on the market and those who go hunting for niche microdistilleries, but one thing is certain: combined to the hints of the tastiest tonics, the  botanicals  contained in these Gins give life to curious and exciting combinations, in a subtle  game of balances between essences  that has made the famous Gin Tonic one of the most popular cocktails.

A distillate that has conquered the bottle holders of Milan with its many varieties, but the best known and loved is undoubtedly the London Dry Gin, characterized by a marked note of Juniper and natural aromas that give each bottle a unique taste. The citrus, balsamic, spicy, herbaceous, fruity and floral notes come together in  unique blends , such as that of  Bulldog Gin , a soft and bold distillate with a unique bouquet, whose distinctive botanicals – Lavender, Licorice, White Poppy and Angelica – create a decisive mix inside a dark and impactful bottle, ideal for those who want to  stand out by  ordering a Gin Tonic “Bold”, in its special Bulldog Tonic variant . A captivating cocktail, but at the same time velvety on the palate with fresh and floral notes that reveals the elegance of a contemporary gin, reinterpreting the most classic London Dry; enriched by a particular garnish with grapefruit zest, the Bulldog Gin is perfect to sip in its captivating black copa , the branded glass with contemporary and sophisticated elegance.

If you too, in front of the counter, can’t resist the intoxicating call of Gin Tonic, you can’t miss the addresses where this cocktail is prepared to perfection. Always in step with the trends of the moment,  Flawless reveals the cocktail bars where you can drink a good Gin Tonic in Milan , also in its irresistible version based on Bulldog Gin.


A few steps from the Central Station, this address is revealed as an impactful sign that intertwines design elements with a refined industrial chic style, with a decidedly New York atmosphere. Moebius is cuisine, a place of good music – with a rich selection of vinyls – and excellent cocktail bars, where a refined selection of international drinks and mixes combines experimentation, creativity and expertise with special labels, for a quality toast. Among the scenographic backlit bottles that frame the counter, there is an important proposal of Gin, perfect for your Gin Tonic, Bulldog Gin base.


In the Moscova area, this cocktail bar at the foot of the imposing Gucci Art Wall is the ideal destination for an aperitif in the heart of Milan. Its counter, almost 7 meters long, dominates the interior of the room allowing you to admire the expert bartenders at work. The outdoor area on Corso Garibaldi is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh and regenerating Bulldog Tonic at sunset, between the bohemian Milanese district and its futuristic skyscrapers.


With a suggestive view of the Milanese skyline, A’Riccione Terrazza 12 is the rooftop on the top floor of the buildings at number 28 in via Durini from which to admire the city sunset while sipping a signature cocktail. With the unprecedented collaboration with A’Riccione, a gastronomic restaurant dedicated to fish cooking, the lounge bar is the perfect place for an aperitif or an after dinner with friends, to discover the regenerating selection of drinks with which to delight the taste buds. The surprising Signature cocktails of the Terrace are intertwined with international blends, in a riot of excellent alcoholic bases; a refined selection of Spirits, including the famous distillate with juniper notes, with which to make your daring Bulldog Tonic.


The suggestive panoramic terrace on the top floor of the The Square hotel offers an unprecedented view of the city, to sip a cocktail as if “suspended” between the roofs of the historic center of Milan. To pamper taste buds and pupils, the delicious tastings of Chef Paolo Scaccabarozzi and an exclusive drink list, including unusual combinations created by local mixology art, international suggestions and the use of excellent labels and spirits. Savoring a Bulldog Tonic in this breathtaking setting turns into an authentic city “good drink” experience.


Inside a historic train station in Milan, an intermediate stop between Bovisa and Cadorna, La Bullona is an exclusive and scenographic restaurant with a contemporary design. While the kitchen serves fish dishes of the highest quality, the cocktail bar delights the patrons of this restaurant with an avant-garde mixing, in which the rich selection of Gin gives life to authentic masterpieces of the most unexpected mixology. Distillates of excellence and captivating combinations will conquer your taste buds, along an intoxicating drink list where the excellence of Gin Tonic – and Bulldog Tonic – will add that special twist to your toast.

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